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The Gospel is true. Do we really hold it true? The story was told of a condemned notorious criminal in England, ready to die by hanging, many years ago. A clergy came near him for the customary final rites of prayers. Surprisingly the criminal preached a powerful message. I am paraphrasing his message thus: “If all of you Christians believe the Bible is true and that all the book teaches about heaven and hell is true. If you all truly believe that God sent Jesus as the remedy to rescue a criminal like me; then if I was in your shoes, I would not mind to walk on my knees, through broken bottles to warn every sinner in every city, town,village and corner of England.

That condemned criminal died, but he has left you and I a powerful and challenging message. Brother, sister, friend, son and daughter, what do you say to that? What next? 

The Gospel of Christ is compelling and urgent. May the compassion of Jesus and his marvelous love stir us up and compel us henceforth. May the power of the resurrection fill us up as we go out to share the love of our dead, buried, but risen Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.