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Holy Bible (KJV) 1.5

Luk 21:28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

The Scriptures cannot be broken. Fears are gripping hearts of many across the world. Visible amazing signs in the skies are seen across the world. There are shocking frequencies and magnitude of natural disasters across continents. Political as well as economic downturn and unrests are more manifest. The rallying base and dependable structural unit of the family is being battered under the silly guise of political correctness. Immorality is being celebrated in high and low quarters. There are wars and rumours of greater wars. Weapons of mass destruction are being assembled. Human migration is being handled with looseness, perverseness and heartlessness. Indeed men’s hearts are failing them for fears. As we pray, may the LORD have mercy, deliver us and uniquely deliver his chosen people Israel. May all of us, as children of God, saved through faith in the name of Jesus and cleansed by his precious blood, be preserved faithful and be found blameless and watching when our Saviour comes soon. The atmosphere is charged. Come, Lord Jesus.

Before Jesus returns, please, dear friends, call upon him before it is too late. Repent of your sins and turn to God. Make a U-turn to God. Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Romans 10:13.


1. Pray for Nigeria. Pray daily. Pray as if it is your own prayers alone that can save Nigeria. Pray without ceasing. Pray and never give up. Pray for God to intervene in the affairs of Nigeria. Pray for forgiveness for yourself, your family, and the whole nation. O LORD forgive me, my family, my village, town, state and Nigeria as a whole. Confess any area where you have failed personally. Wash me clean, wash us clean. We plead for washing (cleansing) by the blood of Jesus! PRAY: Have mercy on me O LORD God, in the name of Jesus! Have mercy on my family, my village, town, state and the entire nation of Nigeria, in the name of Jesus! Give us a new heart. Make us united to honour and fear your name, O LORD!
2. The claim that Boko Haram are against Western Education is a lie. They are the ones making use of weapons more sophisticated than the Nigerian Military! They have resorted to bombs! How can uneducated people who say NO to Western Education make use of Western Weapons? PRAY: Let God arise and confuse the language and strategies of all enemies of Nigeria! WE PRAY THAT EVERY REBELLION AND ALL REBELS BE UPROOTED IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!
3. PRAY: The MERCENARIES in the midst of Boko Haram shall not know peace again in the mighty name of Jesus! Sleep shall vanish from their eyes in the name of Jesus! The whole group of rebels plus the mercenaries shall become mad from sleeplessness and fight each other in the name of Jesus! Any person or country that supported or still supports, or may yet support Boko Haram shall experience earthquakes, floods, droughts, pestilences and epidemics of unparalleled dimensions, according to their geographical locations, in the name of Jesus!
4. The Federal Government of Nigeria talks no more about the abducted CHIBOK GIRLS! PRAY: Anyone who deceives Nigerians about the state of affairs of the nation shall experience drying up in the name of Jesus! Boko Haram are out to break up Nigeria! Anyone, group, ruler or foreigner who frustrates or tries to frustrate the peace of Nigeria shall not know peace; and shall rot and waste away in the name of Jesus! Such people shall go into oblivion in the name of Jesus! O God, Please, give us true leaders who shall serve the people of Nigeria and no more loot the nation, in the name of Jesus!
5. PRAY: Let God arise over Nigeria and let oppression of the workers, both active and retired, stop in the name of Jesus! Uproot all looters of the Treasury and let the entitlements of workers in Nigeria be paid in the name of Jesus! Dry up the bones of all looters in the name of Jesus! Let the fear of God overcome and overrule the Legislatures, the Judiciary, the Civil Service, the Police, the Military, the Immigration, the Parastatals, the Foreign Missions, the Educational institutions and the Private Sector, in the mighty name of Jesus!
6. PRAY : Let God arise in Nigeria and let his enemies be scattered in the name of Jesus! Let them also that hate God in Nigeria flee before him in the name of Jesus! As smoke is driven away, so drive away BOKO HARAM AND ALL MERCENARIES from Nigeria, in the name of Jesus! As wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked and all enemies of Nigeria perish at the presence of God, in the name of Jesus!
7. PRAY: O LORD God, You are the true God. You are the One Who made the heavens and the earth. You are the Owner of all lands. You are the Maker of all human beings. You are the Living God and Everlasting King. The earth shall tremble when you are angry. The nations shall not be able to stand before your anger. [Jeremiah 10: 10] Therefore Mighty God, show Yourself strong and mighty in Nigeria and deliver us in the name of Jesus! 
8. PRAY: LORD, according to Your word, we speak over Nigeria and concerning those who trouble Nigeria thus: The gods that have not made the heavens and the earth, even they shall perish from the earth, and from under these heavens. We speak and decree in the name of Jesus. [Jeremiah 10: 11]. Amen and Amen.
Give us peace O LORD, in Nigeria, in the mighty name of Jesus we pray! Amen.


Stop and think for while! Cancel your move towards separation or divorce! Make a U-Turn at the very next exit,just a minute away(PRAY).You could be the one to make the first move.Surely,you can take the initiative towards reconcilliation.Never give up.Do not forget that you are two separate individuals,of different upbringing, different temperaments and with different opinions.You need to recognize,appreciate and respect your individual differences mutually.No one should insist on having his or her own way all the time.It takes the two of you to disagree or quarrel.You may disagree without losing your focus,temper or relationship. What happens if you win an arguement and you lose the other person or your spouse?Surely you may not desire such.Therefore,there is the need for patience,tolerance and mutual respect between you and your spouse.Good communication demand that you listen and not be the lecturer or teacher all the time.God has endowed the other person with unique abilities and gifts different from yours.As you appreciate this fact, you would be able to combine the gifts from two unique persons to make a successful marriage. Some persons have cancelled the sentence “I am sorry” from their vocabulary and dictionary!Try not to become that kind of a person.No marriage is free of problems, except where the couples are deceptive.However,God can help any willing and determined couple to overcome problems and succeed in their marriage.Marriage is not an affair for experimentation.It is a life-time covenant relationship between a man and a woman who are in love.Your spouse should be your friend from whom nothing about you is hidden.That means he or she is trustworthy.He or she should be your lover.That means you can go all-out to ensure his or her well-being,joy and safety, to the extent of taking risks!Is that your kind of relationship?As Christians,who are children of God,your desire is first and foremost to please God.God is the only one who knows about and should control all aspects of your relationship.Is there where you are?The Bible states that there should be mutual submission and respect. The husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the church and gave himself for the church.A man should not be harsh to his wife,but handle her gently and honourably,treating her as the weaker vessel.The wife should not take undue advantage of her husband,but respect her husband and obey him as she would obey Christ. (Ephesians 5:21-33;Colossians 3:18-19;1Peter 3:1-7).For details,please get in touch with us at AgapeFocus.God bless you.


Last month we posted the first part in a series of articles on the now sensitive topic of homosexuality.We assert that homosexuality is definitely a deviation from the normal, natural and old tradition of heterosexuality,as originally made by God Almighty.We uphold the conviction that God is willing, ready and able to heal and set free all those in any degree of homosexual inclination or relationship.We also know that no homosexual habit is inheritable!A homosexual man or lesbian lady cannot transmit his or her practice or behaviour through natural or biological inheritance.Traits or characteristics can only be transmitted when a man and a woman come together for procreation in a normal heterosexual relationship.Come to think of the new practice of making babies via surrogate mothers or fathers.It is self-deception that a rich and influential lady who chooses to be a lesbian goes to have babies via In-vitro Fertilization(IVF),making use of the sperm cells of a man. Similarly a rich man who elects to have babies by having his sperm cells introduced via IVF,into a willing surrogate mother,who donates her ovum and who after a nine month pregnancy plus a short period of maternal care, releases her baby to a homosexual male couple? In other procedures,sex cells from separate male and female persons have been brought together with the resultant zygote introduced into the womb of a surrogate mother, who allows her womb to be used for the development of the foetus.That has been used to help heterosexual couples who have problems with pregnancies. It is not right for homosexual couples to adopt this method. It is the peak of utter ridicule and self-deception! Why not stick to their chosen form of sexual orientation. If later on they choose to have babies, then they should repent and reject homosexuality entirely!They should not try to eat their cakes and have them at the same time! Modern society may legalize various forms of absurdities, but legalism or modernity cannot successfully naturalize all those deceptions outlined above, which run contrary to the plan and counsel of God Almighty, our Maker! Anatomical and physiological abnormalities are not the works of nature, but the effects of the stubborn, defiant manipulations of nature my human beings, under the guise of experimentations and some via geniune mistakes of drug abuses! Incomplete cleavages during gestation, have been known to produce physical deformities.There is only one human calamity and that calamity is sin! The practice and experience of sin have made human kind live in rebellion to God our Maker. This negative stance has brought many problems to human society today. We talk of global warming, green house effects, pollutions of various kinds, and the race for nuclear power. All these are on-going in the midst of glaring poverty in most parts of the world. There is the problem of deforestation and the massive ecological disasters in our world today. Many poor countries of the world have found their shores being inundated with poisonous industrial wastes from the developed countries.The distruption of the ecosystem in the poor nations eventually have a cyclic effect on the so-called perpetrators of these ecological crimes! Do these affect sexuality? Knowingly or otherwise, the long term effects of distruption of our ecosystems is capable of producing various traits in human beings who are less capable of mounting lasting resistance.Congenital deformities have been reported in few individuals. Some of these have been found to develop sexual deformities. There have been cases of siamese twins which have been separated with some aspects of corrective surgeries. There have been cases of other forms of corrective surgeries on the palate, ear, face, heart and some other parts of the human body. This is also true for domesticated animals.Certainly, not all of these have inheritable traits. It is our firm belief that none of all the forms of homosexual life syle is hereditary.We challenge anyone to prove otherwise!Human manipulations have created distortions about sexuality and sexual orientations in this 21st Century world. Dear friend, if you are willing and obedient,God is ready now to set you free from your present homosexual life style. Mark you,we do not condemn you. If you insist on your present life style,you would only have yourself to blame at the end. The whole counsel of God Almighty forbids homosexuality totally;no half measures.Anyone,group,community,society,civilization,generation,religion or government which condones homosexuality is working against God! (Deuteronomy 23:17;Leviticus 18:22; 20:13;Romans 1:18-32). It was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah; two great cities in earliest centuries,which practised homosexuality,for which God destroyed them! How then can you or your homosexual friend or family member be set free from the strong grip of the chronic problem? Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.Homosexuality is an anti-God life style.Therefore it is a sin.Adultery,lying,theft,pride,racial discrimination,tyranny and such like are all sins.It is no worse sin than other sins.God says: Look unto me,and be ye saved,all the ends of the earth:for I am God and there is none else Isaiah 45:22. God is angry at all sins.This same God loves all sinners.Jesus Christ said:For God did not send his Son into this world to condemn it,but that through him the world might be saved (John 3:17). Special prayers can be prayed for you if you are willing and ready today.Please, get in touch with us. We love you sincerely and think well about you and offer you the free life line through Jesus Christ now.Please do not resist your Maker.Pray in your own words,or pray this simple prayer:O God,I come to you now in the name of Jesus Christ,who died on the cross as a substitute for me.I confess my sins to you,though you know them all.I renounce my wrong sexual orietation and lifestyle.I renounce homosexuality and I call on you Jesus Christ to save me.I believe you died for my sins and rose again the third day.Come into my life now and be my Lord.I confess you are my Lord.Thank you Jesus. A change has started in your life.Get a Bible if you do not have one already.Start to read it from the gospel as written by Matthew, Mark,Luke and John. Please,get in touch with us for additional support and encouragement. We shall also link you up with the nearest Christ-centered church to you.