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This is to wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with Floodgates of God’s Blessings in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. As we enjoy the festive season eating various delicious delicacies and healthy drinks; meeting family and friends;  let us remember Jesus Christ, the reason and the central person of the celebrations.
Today is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The king who was born in a lowly place and status; a manger indwelt by sheep and goats, because there was no room in the Inn nearby for Mary to deliver her first child.
The child grew up, overcoming all attempts to kill and get rid of him. He went about doing good and setting free those who were oppressed by the devil because God wad with him. Finally to fulfil his mission on the earth he had to die for our sins on the cross as if he was the offender!  He was buried, but God raised him from the dead on the third day!  He is alive, ready and willing to save all who come to God through him. A person gets saved by praying and calling upon Jesus. You believe in your heart that God raised Jesus from the dead on the third day after dying for our sins. Then confess him as Lord and call upon him to save you. He does when you call truly. Anyone who calls upon the name of Jesus shall be saved. Romans 10: 9-13.
What would Jesus during such season as this?  He would think of the needy. He would give such people comforting presents such as food, healing, acceptance, joy and laughter. Therefore in remembering Jesus Christ, let us do what he would do. It is joy and fun to be with Jesus. Please make someone else happy during this period. Let us continue the good work thereafter.
Merry Christmas. Thank you and God bless you.


Forgiveness is an essential component of relationships. If you appreciate or love a person, you would not be hesitant to overlook his or her shortcomings or failures. That is not indicative of condoning the bad behaviour of the other person,but being willing and ready to accommodate and uplift the man, woman or child whom you love.If a person fails, you would not seek to bury him or her alive! You would not ‘make a mountain out of a molehill’ in the course of your reaction to the other person’s mistakes or failures.A molehill is the small mound of earth thrown up by a mole while burrowing. A mole is a small burrowing mammal which has velvety or dark fur. It has a its forearms specialised for digging.It often feeds on insects.If you would judge yourself truly, you would know that you are not perfect either.A molehill is treated as a mountain when you exagerrate on the mistakes of others,making them look aweful as if irredeemable.You could make your spouse appear useless or unprofitable when you never see any good in whatever he or she does.Who are you to condemn another person?Have you never failed? We put it to you that by that very attitude of yours in justifying yourself,you have just failed! On the other hand,you may not approve the acts of the other person,but you seek to correct him or her in love, by making constructive criticisms.Anyone who fails to see positive potential in his or her neighbour,work colleague,subordinates,students, friend,family member or spouse needs to do a self-examination.Forgive today and always.Forgive your spouse now.God forgives us and expects us to be forgiving too; otherwise God would not forgive us.Corrective discipline is better than damning judgment which closes the door to future hope and progress.That is not the way of peace and progress.Habitual fault-finding makes a person to hunt for faults in others.The trend therefore is to find fault on important matters as well as trivial matters.On those trivial matters,watch out;you might be ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’.Please shun stubborn unforgiving lifestyle because it is psychologically and spiritually poisonous!Another very interesting rider to forgiveness is in dealing with your self personally.Do you;have you;or would you ever forgive yourself?Paul writing under the influence of the Spirit of God in Ephesians 4:31-32 states: Let all bitterness,and wrath,and anger and clamour,and evil speaking be put away from you,with all malice:And be ye kind one to another,tenderhearted,forgiving one another,even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you.Jesus Christ also said that if we forgive others,God would forgive us,but if we fail to forgive,then we should not expect to be forgiven by God!(Matthew 6:14-15). Please,get in touch with us.God bless you.