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Do you know that BLOOD has a voice? God spoke to the first murderer on Earth,Cain thus:”What have you done?The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground”(Genesis 4:10- Amplified Bible).Cain was cursed as a result.The life of a person is contained in the blood. When the flow of blood stops, the life of an individual ceases.Blood flows through the human body via vessels called veins, arteries and capillaries.The heart is the organ which helps to pump blood via these vessels.Many lives have been prolonged through blood transfusions donated by willing charitable persons.Blood is therefore very precious and must not be wasted. It is an act of total callousness, disregard and cruelty for human blood to be wasted through violent acts such as riots, gangsterism, murders,wars, suicide – linked and similar acts of terrorism, which waste human lives recklessly and spill the blood of the innocent. There are virtually endless stories of tyrants and dictators who forcefully or deceitfully assume positions of leadership in various countries around the world. These are examples of political aberrations; absurdities of highest orders, which have plagued many nations, hitherto. In the process of these crude assumptions of power, it is inevitable that blood be shed and many lives lost. From South America to North America; from Europe to Asia; from Africa to Australia and the Antarctica; it is the same story of blood of the innocent being shed through various acts of inhumanity by power-drunk, drug-possessed,greed-possessed,lust-possessed and arrogant,deluded people, overwhelmed by insatiable passions,leading them to fulfill their selfish desires at the expense of innocent men,women and children whose blood get wasted!The blood thus shed are crying all around the world! The blood of the innocent is crying out for vengeance and judgment! Where would these wicked killers go to hide? THERE IS NO HIDING PLACE FOR THEM!Blood is crying in Egypt!Blood is crying in Tunisia!Blood is crying in Nigeria!Blood is crying in Iran!Blood is crying in the U.K.!Blood is crying in the U.S.A.!Blood is crying in China!Blood is crying in Iraq and Afghanistan! Blood is crying in Zimbabwe!Blood is crying all over the world!THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT IS CRYING OUT FOR VENGEANCE! What must we do to rectify this MALADY?TRUE REPENTANCE. Being sorry enough to stop these wicked actions and to plead for the forgiveness of God.ONLY ONE BLOOD DOES NOT CRY FOR VENGEANCE!This is the BLOOD OF JESUS. The blood of Jesus cries out for mercy and forgiveness!As we all pray for God to forgive our various countries,let us come to God in humility,pleading forgiveness on the basis of the blood of Jesus shed for the washing away of our sin in all its forms and stains!YES, indeed, blood does speak, but know that our hope is only in the blood that speaks out for mercy!


When you drive your car or motorbike along some roads you read the road signs which instruct you not to make U-turns. On some other roads U–turns are allowed. I was driving along the road leading to Excel Docklands area, in the London metropolis one Friday evening for a prayer meeting the ‘Festival Of Life’, when the Satellite Navigator (Sat Nav) instructed that I should make a U –turn on the dual carriage way. I knew without a doubt that I must not obey the Sat Nav at that moment, because doing so would be catastrophic! At the right junction I made the necessary exit into the correct road, safely. Then the Sat Nav was forced to comply and resume its appropriate direction. This is not always true in ordinary daily situations. You may not be able to make a U-turn on many roads in some cities, towns and villages, but you can make a U-turn of your life to God anywhere and even where you are right now, but not with your motor bike or car please!  Make a proper U- turn to God today! Ask God to help you straighten your life. God says: ‘‘Call onto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know or understand’’  Jeremiah 33:3.  He also says: ”Turn to Me, and be saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is no other ”! Isaiah 45:22.  ‘‘Anyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved’’ Romans 10:13. To make a U-turn to God is to repent; that is to change your mind from doing bad, to doing good, asking for God to help you in making your U- turn a permanent one. God says ‘‘Repent! Turn away from all your offenses; then sin will not be your downfall’’ Ezekiel 18:30! Sin kills, but JESUS saves totally! Call upon Jesus today, wherever you may be! Someone out there may know all these truths, but still need to make a special, new U-Turn today. You may need to change your mind, your attitude, your choice, your selfish or wrong decision, your direction or start doing whatever would make you more pleasing to God. Please waste no time about your move. Do your U-Turn right now, before you go too far! God bless you.

PHOTO FINISH OF A START! :The 19th Commonwealth Games

At long last, the 19th Commonwealth Games has kicked off amidst colourful celebration. It is like a ‘photo finish’ of a start! Let us hope for the possible best in the prevailing circumstances. Things are now looking much better , judging by the positive reports flowing around daily. What a narrow escape it is! It is a Games Fiesta that might have failed! HRH, Prince Charles, representing Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II(Head of the Commonwealth), declared the Games open at a colourful ceremony, with 71 participating countries. It is a pity that many star athletes had to pull out of the games for safety reasons. However, it is good that the games has come to stay. I do hope that the Fiesta would provoke the participants to give of their best and produce new records, the absence of stars notwithstanding. It is still a window of opportunities. One hopes India would be forgiven. The sporting facilities are reported as good and much has been spent to host the Games. May records fall; friendships deepen and expand; economy boosted; and the future of the Games be enhanced. Let the administrative body of the Games be more alert next time and always, by monitoring all future hosts to avert future embarrassment, please. I am sure Scotland is watching, learning and eager. BBC News also commented stating: ….”Games officials and thousands of people were working around the clock to ensure that the village was habitable and that the competition could start on time.” BBC News – Commonwealth Games opens in Delhi with security tight

CROSSING OF THE RED SEA: Get it Right,Please

In an article  titled “Wind could have parted Red Sea for Moses edited by Jerry Norton in Yahoo News on the 21st of September 2010, he narrates the scientific report by some researchers, who tried to confirm the Biblical story through their findings, claiming that strong winds were responsible for the crossing of the Red sea. The researchers postulate that the strong wind action was  in conformity with physical laws. In addition they stated: “People have always been fascinated by this Exodus story, wondering if it comes from historical facts,” Drews said. “What this study shows is that the description of the waters parting indeed has a basis in physical laws.” I did e-mail the article to some contacts on my mailing list. This postulation, in a little way, supports Biblical account. However, there is more to it than the researchers’ report. An estimated over 3 million  of Israeli people, plus their cattle had enough time to cross the Red sea, before their pursuers came after them. Evidently, it must have taken well over four hours! I have met some men who have been privileged to dive into the bottom of the Red sea. These men saw several chariot wheels, ripped apart from the main chariots, as recorded in the Bible. Mark and Peter Elmer (two of the divers) are the sons of Pastor Jim Elmer. I have been able to meet them and their father and have seen part of the documentary video. I invited them to one of my churches in Bristol during 2007, for an exciting evening, where they presented an account of their remarkable exploration. It was not a mean feat performed by God Almighty, through his servant Moses! If the Israelites had gone the easier route straight across the land from Rameses into Canaan, they would have been easily overrun by the armies of Egypt! However, God commanded them through Moses to go southwards via the Red Sea. There God demonstrated his power. The Red Sea was parted by God, instructing Moses to stretch his rod. It was God who made the strong winds to blow. This is a Biblical, historical, scientific and archaeological fact. It was and it is a miracle. What a mighty God we serve!

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