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I know a man who once travelled for a meeting at a church in another city. He got to the venue an hour before time. The church building was not opened yet, so he stayed around, walking round the building. It was a cold winter evening, therefore, after a while, the man went into a nearby cafe to have hot tea and keep himself warm. It was 30 minutes more, yet the church doors were still locked. The man had travelled down by train and bus, so he could only pace around the church furhermore. He had only the landline phone of the organizers of the meeting,which he tried to call. Only a voicemail was possible at the other end, so he continued to wait.  At 18.45 hours, he decided to wait and sit down at a bus stop, directly opposite the church building, to observe when the lights would come on. He waited till 19.30 hours and decided to go back,via bus to his place of rest for the night. On the next day, he found out that the church meeting started on schedule, at 19.00 hours, while he was around. No notice was placed around the church to direct visitors to the right corner of the building. The man had continued to wait sincerely and in hope. That man was sincere, but wrong. He came very early. He walked around the building up till 18.45 hours. As it was a very cold evening, he sat at the nearby bus stop, because the cafe was closing for the day. He kept waiting for lights to come on in front of the church. The lights never came on in his view. Actually, from another view, lights did come on only after he chose to take a seat at the bus stop. That man was very sincere, but wrong; wrong in the sense that he waited in the wrong corner. It may be argued that the organizers should have placed notices to direct people to the right corner. That did not happen and the man went home without taking part in the scheduled meeting. He kept wondering if there had been either a change in venue or a postponement. How wrong he was! Oftentimes, we make sincere decisions that are sincerely wrong! So it is on issues affecting everlasting life through Jesus Christ. The people of this generation try to figure out things in their own imaginations. They do argue with God. When Jesus Christ said; “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except by me” (John 14:6). He meant every word spoken. He does not mince his words. The sincerity of anyone does not change the fact of Jesus claims or message! Jesus also said: For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on him should not perish, but have eternal life (John 3:16). Whosoever means ANYONE (no discrimination). He said further: For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him (John 3:17). WHOSOEVER wills may come to God through Jesus Christ. My friend, please, do not be sincerely wrong in your stand; make the right decison before it is too late. That man was very close to the meeting, very sincere about the lights coming on; very logical about taking a seat directly in front of the church, on the opposite side, watching eagerly for lights, which never came on from his own view! Choose TODAY, but CHOOSE RIGHT. God loves you and so do we.


My friend, please try to give room for Smile.It is now common belief and knowledge that a smile or sincere laughter makes a person feel better. A person makes use of 72 muscles to frown; while only 14 muscles are needed to smile.Therefore, we expend more energy in frowning and give ourselves more stress and sorrow whilst frowning. On the other hand, smiling is less cumbersome, less energy-exerting and yet more beneficial to our bodies. A genuine smile,not a pretentious one,promotes good health. CHEER UP;Give your face a good smile.Give your face a good change. Stress vanishes gradually, the immune system is boosted and you feel better. Please,smile awhile and give your face a change. Someone once said: If when you need LEMONADE; you could only get LEMON, try to add ADE to it and you have your much-needed Lemonade! How about that? You can create what you need from what you have. However, we need to strike a good balance and never slip into too much laxity; as too much of laughter could be dangerous too, if it makes us focus less on our God-given duties and responsibilities! SERVING GOD IS NOT A REASON TO FROWN ALL THE WAY! May the Humorous, Almighty God bless you in the name of Jesus. Amen. Apply brakes, as you read what some experts say on Help guide about humour and laughter. AgapeFocus does not agree with all of the contents, but there is some good therein:


The political and the socio-economic situations across the world and especially in Africa this Century demands great caution, patience, commitment, faithfulness and due diligence. The current waves of political and social changes sweeping across North Africa and parts of the Middle-East are glaring pointers to the need for both the leaders and the led to get things right and give to the teeming masses their deserved socio-economic boost, based on the combined resources of each nation. Political leaders should not wait for the times of approaching elections or public demonstrations before they start to pretend that they feel and understand the nagging problems of the masses. Elections are around the corners in many places across the globe, when leaders would be judged by the electorates in each nation at the polls.Campaigns are very hot in various places; and as we move on through this year, voters in more prominent nations would be calling the shots as they retain or do away with various administrations/political parties at various tiers of government. Next month,Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, would hold General Elections to elect, legislators to the states and national Assemblies, and also elect State Governors and the President. The whole world would focus attention on Nigeria, expecting to see an election that is not only free and fair, but putting into various offices, credible leaders who would deliver positively on their promises to the electorate!Prayers have been on for long.The days of buying of votes, harassment and intimidation of opponents, abuse of offices by the privileges of incumbency, are over! Voters are more educated now and must not sell or mortgage their rights because of temporary pleasures or gifts.The future well-being of the young ones,the unborn, as well as ALL, are of utmost importance.The future stability and progress of Nigeria must not be toyed with nor jeopardized because of selfish gains or ambitions.The law enforcement agencies should do their best to ensure the credibility of the general elections in Nigeria, to install leaders who would move the nation forward.The Electoral Commission must be above-board and transparently honest and fair. All hands must be on deck.That great African from Ghana,the late Dr. J.K Aggrey taught that: ….. Only the best is good enough for Africa. And I dare say that ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR NIGERIA. For Nigeria to continue to give credible leading contribution in Africa and in the world, we must put our house in order. NOW is the right time to give the best to Nigeria;not second best. Nigeria and indeed Africa needs and wants the best from the impending General Elections.GOD is also watching us! MAY IT BE SUCCESSFUL BY THE POWER OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD! AMEN!


As Japan struggles through the devastation of daytime earthquake and tsunami of unprecedented dimensions, our hearts go out to the entire country. May the LORD have mercy on Japan! Please, let us join forces with other positive efforts around the world towards the alleviation of this horrific loss and debilitating, painful sorrows. In addition, please let the entire Church intercede for Japan and the rest of the world in these days of uncertainties and troubles.May the LORD comfort, strengthen and help Japan in her assessment, reconstruction and recovery.With GOD, Japan shall recover fully! May there be a miraculous neutralization of the dangerous release of radio-active materials into the environment! May the LORD have mercy on us all! AMEN.


30 years of reckless shedding of the blood of the innocent in Egypt has come to a halt!The highly commendable,peaceful,courageous and emphatic protests of the majority in Egypt is exemplary and is a sure show-piece for the rest of the observing world from the east,west,north or south.The positive utilization of global social networking facilities for effective communication has come to stay.The enlightened minds of people of all ages, cohesively assembled for a positive common goal cannot be overwhelmed, nor underestimated.The wise, cautious discretion displayed by the Egyptian Military is highly commendable!This is the dawning of a new era in the annals of Egyptian history.In the midst of the jubilation and subsequent consultations / dialogues to move Egypt forward, there is great need for caution.Egypt is set up for greater achievement on all fronts.The potential is enormous and the sky is the limit! Africa has scored another positive;Ditto the Arab world.CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF EGYPT!Now to the CAUTION:The new constitutional reform should embrace RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE.Secondly,POLITICAL VIEWS of both majority and the minorities should be coalesced to enhance the much needed development.Free,fair and credible elections are a must as the transition progresses and produces the much desired civilian rule. Thirdly, the PEACE of the Middle East Region must be enhanced.Then the much needed positive transition, leading to accelerated development would not be hindered,not distracted nor derailed.One only hopes that Zimbabwe is watching and listening.Iran is no exception either.The list is almost endless,across Asia,Europe,South America and Africa.Tyrants and dictators should reappraise their loyalties to the countries they claim to govern,instead of serving.The blood of the innocent is still speaking and calling out for justice;WATCH OUT! General elections in Nigeria this year must be handled properly and credibly to enthrone the people’s choices at the various tiers of governance.The ELECTORATE must be respected and not toyed with!