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EXPECTED RESULTS OR DISAPPOINTED EXPECTATIONS: The second phase of elections have come up on Saturday 11th April 2015, with the affected Gubernatorial and State Assembly candidates being elected. It is hoped that the true wishes of the affected citizens shall prevail; the results of the Presidential and National Assembly elections notwithstanding. The nation expects INEC to improve upon the previous performance. Reports have been largely positive. However, some cases of violence have been reported.  Winners are celebrating, while losers are not. All parties should exercise restraints and think of the nation and states. It is not a war! The wrong notion and practice whereby political office holders go in to amass huge wealth at the expense of the nation should be discouraged and discarded with immediate effect! The wrong practice of looting the treasury is the main reason why the majority of Nigerian politicians make electioneering a DO-OR-DIE affair! Any case of grievances should be handled by the due process of the law. Nobody should take the law into his or her hand. Nigeria is not a toy to be played with!

WE MUST REMEMBER HISTORY: 100 years of nationhood was marked last year by Nigeria, alongside the celebration of 54 years of independence from British colonial rule. Nigeria is a nation blessed by God with both human and natural resources of various grades and high economic value. Thanks be to God. After political and economic upheavals, culminating in civil war and military incursions into government, we all expected better days by now. Alas, the greed, wickedness and high level corruption of politicians and their cronies have denied us the realization of this dream. Worse still is the unprecedented corruption during the 16- year rule of the PDP at the Federal level! The atrocities of the out-going administration led by Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan did not begin in 2011; they were passed on! The level of corruption of this regime is the worst in the history of Nigeria!  What shall we do? A lot of good can sill be done in order to stop the sad trend. Nothing should be done to threaten the peace and stability of Nigeria by any person or group with vested, selfish interests.  The patient, simple, law-abiding citizens of Nigeria must no more be insulted and cheated by rulers, who are expected to be public servants! All ill-gotten riches should be returned. The people have been pushed to the wall! NO MORE PUSHING, PLEASE!

Let the outrageous salary structures of ALL political office holders be drastically reduced to make them more sensible and commensurate! If the figures being shown via the Social Media are to be relied upon; then Nigerian Senators should bury their heads in shame for looting the nation’s Treasury! Refers an article from the Nigerian Vanguard                                  LET DECENCY, DECORUM AND SANITY PREVAIL, PLEASE! We cannot afford to repeat the evil effects of past history!

THE ECONOMY: In the midst of the preparations for elections, the good news of economic development drops in, raising the Nigerian economy to number 1 status in Africa. Thanks be to God for this development. the development had been around and accumulating unnoticed. The average Nigerian’s industry and diligence is being rewarded. All the politicians did was to batter the economy by looting the gains! God will judge. They should repent of their corrupt practices. The economy should be well diversified; more so as oil price keeps on fluctuating. Our over-reliance on oil should stop before it is too late! Thanks be to God Almighty for blessing Nigeria with oil, bitumen,coal,iron ore, uranium and limestone; to minimize the list. Bitumen is in large deposits across the country.The Minister of Mines and Steel Development,Alhaji Musa Sada, as quoted by the Punch Newspaper, truly claimed that Nigeria is blessed with over 400 mineral resources. Some of these resources include precious stones.

Thanks be to God that Nigeria is also blessed with human resources in various fields of endeavour. Many Nigerians in diaspora are serving reputable organizations in various nations across the world. Many are eager to come home in order to contribute to Nigeria’s development, but are scared off due to high level corruption!  The youths study only to be denied good jobs after completing their studies. These youths make up over 70% of the population. More opportunities for self-employment and job creation should be enhanced. We do not need FIRE BRIGADE BRAND OF SHALLOW EFFORTS on the eve of elections, in order to score cheap political points! God would deliver Nigeria in Jesus name. Amen.

SMOOTH HANDING OVER: Let the out-going administration at all tiers of government ensure smooth, clean and honest transfer o the in-coming administration.


Congratulations to General Mohammad Buhari for winning the 2015 Presidential Election. His victory would be more meaningful to eager and waiting Nigerians when the following points are given prompt attention and swift action.

  1. Potable Water in every Village and Town.
  2. Good Cheap Uninterrupted Electricity in every Village and Town.
  3. Uninterrupted Fuel Supply in Every Village and Town.
  4. Boost National Security. Give us more effective Police, Military, and essential public services.
  5. Give us more reliable Public Health Service.
  6. Good funding of the Education sector and boost it by monitoring all public and private institutions, thus upholding high standard.
  7.  Uninterrupted payment of Salary and relevant personal emolument of all Nigerian Public and Private Workers; this should take special care of the pensions of retired workers. The MEAN AND INSULTING way pensioners are treated in Nigeria beggars belief! Some poorly pensioners have died while responding to the FOOLISH SUMMONS TO SHOW THEIR FACES! General Buhari’s salary and others in his rank(Generals Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida, Yakubu Gowon, etc, etc) have their full salaries untampered with, even in retirement! [I submit to be corrected, please]

8.  Creation of more conducive atmosphere for Job creation and Entrepreneurial Ventures.

  1. More Diversification of the Economy. Special note and action should made of the abundant mineral resources in every state of the nation!
  2. Immediate review and revocation of the current foolish, selfish, ridiculous, wasteful and wicked salary and personal emolument structure of all political office holders. Let this start with the National Assembly Members!
  3. Nigeria shall be on the rescue road away from economic self- destruction, as soon as State Assembly Members, Commissioners, Senators, Federal Legislators, Deputy Governors, Governors, Ministers, Vice President and the President have a drastic and urgent review of their Salaries and Allowances! Ill-gotten gains should be recovered. Declaration of Assets of Political office holders.
  4. Let us have good and safe road networks. Cultivate the good practice of maintenance of public infrastructures.
  5. Bring in competent and credible hands and minds into the cabinet. Bring them in across political divides. Bring in non-partisan patriots also. 
  6. The recommendations of the national confab should be implemented. Those which need action by the National Assembly should be handled appropriately and with dispatch.
  7. Nigeria is greater than any individual citizen.



The elections need not be a MAKE OR BREAK affair as some people are poised to make it. We appeal to submit that the Nation consider the following: The elections should not be postponed. Doing so is dangerous to stability.
1. Have a Government of National Unity after the Presidential Election?
2. Whoever wins should head the Government.
3. Winners at the State level Gubernatorial elections could follow suit.
4. Select the best brains from all the Registered Parties to form a strong Cabinet.
5. Other Best Brains not in any political party should also be appointed to serve.
6. The New Government should not be a Monopoly of the victorious candidate.
7. The Foolish and Wasteful Salary Structure of Political Office Holders should and must be DRASTICALLY REDUCED.
8. The National Assembly should be more responsible, faster, patriotic and frugal.
9. All of us Nigerians, should repent; seek God and cherish Righteousness. May the LORD God Almighty deliver Nigeria. Amen.