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During the Second World War, The leadership of Britain called for national time of prayers, asking for the merciful help of God Almighty. More disaster was averted and victory was won. God saved Britain then and God can do it again. The present dreadful state of severe weather is very threatening. Lives and properties have been under severe risks. Means of livelihood have been adversely affected. Major infrastructures have been damaged and more damages cannot be ruled out. There is no visible end in sight to the severe weather. The inundation is unprecedented. Water table has been over saturated. More storms, rains and floods are imminent. The situation is very drastic and calls for more drastic measures and actions. More money, more human and material resources, massive reconstruction, massive appraisal and refocusing are all good and necessary, but these are not sufficient. Many people have been praying. Now, let the Leaders in government call out for NATIONAL TIME OF PRAYERS. Let pride, arrogance and every form of indifference be cast aside. ASK for prayers officially. The nation has everything good to gain and nothing to lose. We do not have to prolong the hardships of people already affected across Wales and England. United Kingdom, please, do not forget or abandon your roots. Our hearts go out to the affected communities. May the LORD have mercy on the United Kingdom. Merciful LORD, please, heal the land and deliver us speedily in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.[Read 2 Chronicles 7:13-14; Joel 2:15-19]. Let the Church declare another solemn assembly now. God bless you.