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Once again,we send our condolence to the bereaved families, including the family of the gunman and the entire community of Newtown Connecticut.Without any doubt,the barrage of news flow following the massacre of 20 innocent children and some adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School increased the anxiety, shock and sorrow over the unfortunate incident.In the flurry of reactions,unconfirmed reports had claimed that the gunman’s parents had been killed; one at home and the other in the school inside her classroom.The gunman’s elder brother was also initially wrongly named as the killer. Latest local authorities’ reports now confirm a more reliable picture. The 20-year old gun man,who was alleged to have killed himself later,has been identified as Adam Lanza, while the elder brother was found to have been elsewhere at the time of the shooting. The parents were no longer together and the father was quite safe and alive. The gunman was reported as having shot and killed his mother. Agape Focus is sorry to have included the unconfirmed reports as such in our initial reactions. Our primary concern at Agape Focus was about review of gun laws in order to avert a recurrence of such massacre. We appreciate the reactions of the State Governor on gun laws.The expressed deep concern of President Barack Obama is also highly appreciated and noteworthy.The previously expressed views of the Mayor of New York City,Mayor Bloomberg,are also highly appreciated. We hope that gun laws would be reviewed very soon. WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION,THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENTS CRY ALOUD FOR A REVIEW! Tears alone cannot avail. We are deeply concerned and so WE CRY ALOUD TOO! When the time comes for gun laws to be reviewed, we do pray and hope that restrictions, monitoring and stricter measures would be put in place to avert another massacre. May God Almighty comfort the bereaved families and the horrified community. May abundant grace and wisdom be given to the Law Makers at the various tiers of government in the USA to make the right review. Amen.


The news of the horrible shooting incident in an Elementary School,(Sandy Hook Elementary?)in Newtown,Connecticut was received with shock. We give our heartfelt condolence to the affected families,the local and state authorities.Agape Focus joins others around the world to call on the USA law makers to review gun laws in the entire nation without delay.For a young man to pounce on innocent children and some school staff with such recklessness,leaves a lot to be desired.Whilst it may be considered legal to carry gun in self defense and protection, other means of ensuring safety for citizens needs to be explored.May the LORD God give wisdom to the US to handle the situation promptly and rightly,without equivocation.Every possible device needs to be placed in such public places as schools to beef up security.This is not the first of such incidents.This is not being extra-emotional.It is the shedding of the blood of the innocents,yet again! ”A stitch in time saves nine.” Unconfirmed reports stated that the man had earlier shot dead his father at home and then went on to shoot dead his mother who worked in the same school.18 innocent children killed in cold blood! Tears flowing; hearts broken and bleeding. This is outrageous,heinous crime.! May God have mercy on America as she reacts and decides. AMEN.