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The Gospel is true. Do we really hold it true? The story was told of a condemned notorious criminal in England, ready to die by hanging, many years ago. A clergy came near him for the customary final rites of prayers. Surprisingly the criminal preached a powerful message. I am paraphrasing his message thus: “If all of you Christians believe the Bible is true and that all the book teaches about heaven and hell is true. If you all truly believe that God sent Jesus as the remedy to rescue a criminal like me; then if I was in your shoes, I would not mind to walk on my knees, through broken bottles to warn every sinner in every city, town,village and corner of England.

That condemned criminal died, but he has left you and I a powerful and challenging message. Brother, sister, friend, son and daughter, what do you say to that? What next? 

The Gospel of Christ is compelling and urgent. May the compassion of Jesus and his marvelous love stir us up and compel us henceforth. May the power of the resurrection fill us up as we go out to share the love of our dead, buried, but risen Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


The United Kingdom is a Christian country. The nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which make up the United Kingdom are Christian and do have Christian traditions and foundations. The statute of each nation and that of the union are Christian. It would be nice to have any legal luminary come out to reject or annul this fact! The agitations for inclusion of Sharia law into the statute of the union or each nation is very ridiculous and absurd. All subtle moves to do this gradually must be stopped in their tracks. Who could ever try such moves in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan or any of the leading Islamic countries? Why then should such incursions be ever made in the United Kingdom? Watch out ; if an inch of ground is conceded, hectares shall be taken over and uttermost regrets would follow! The church should wake up from deep slumber to her binding responsibility to “contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints.”

Mr David Cameron, the British Prime Minister was not merely politicking when he remarked that the United Kingdom is a Christian Union. He was being bold and honest. AgapeFocus is non-partisan. The accommodation of other religious beliefs and freedom of religious practices and association are hallmarks of  strength and not to be taken for a cheap ride or as a sign of weakness! The good, open-door policy of generous immigration should never be allowed to be abused by irresponsible immigrants who come in to perpetrate acts of ingratitude, rebellion and terrorism. It is the practice of the Christian principles that have held the United Kingdom together. Nobody should be allowed to mess up such good practices, nor derail the good ethics! Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.

As the Union goes to the Polls on the 7th of May 2015, the manifestoes of the contesting parties and the candidates’ standing should be weighed and matched with both personal, community, and national needs primarily and international needs secondarily. Let all politicians stop boasting arrogantly and emptily! It is the ELECTORATE who decide the type of government to be formed next. It is the outcome of the elections which would dictate the nature of possible coalition! The people would speak out loudly and clearly soon. May God give the politicians the wisdom, patience and needed patriotism to make appropriate response. God bless the Queen and the United Kingdom. Amen.


Please, visit with us these few points, places and objects of interest. You are encouraged to look around you for similar manifestations; even more wonderful ones. Examine your own body also. How wonderful the human body is! More wonderful than these scenes captured in pictures.



Sunset at Poole Harbour 001




-A Natural Ribbon Lake





A Tourist Resort in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

A Tourist Resort in Ekiti State, Nigeria.

Links a lovely Tourist Resort.

Links a lovely Tourist Resort.

Cross Fell

Cross Fell

The glory of God is declared all over the Universe. The heavens, the rivers, seas and oceans declare His glory. The mountains and hills, the fountains and water springs, the plants and the animals; all declare God’s glory. What can we say of the precious stones and other riches in the deep? Even mankind is not excluded. Whether willingly or reluctantly we all reveal the glory of God! The greatest manifestation of the glory of God are human beings! God Almighty gave to mankind ability to be productive. We have procreative ability to produce offsprings. We also have creative ability to make, manufacture or create things. Who and what can resist the wonderful manifestation of the glory of God? Nobody! Try to reexamine your own body, how complex it is! The human body is more complex and fascinating to examine than the so-called Wonders of the World! Little wonder the Psalmist stated:

I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

These specks of glory are like mere scratches on the surface. The Sun, Moon, Stars and the galaxies show more glory. God Almighty place them all in their positions and paths. As a result of the greater glory given to mankind, God enables us to explore the universe, yet we see only specks of it! Truly every Scientist; indeed every person should be humble enough in the quest for outer space exploration. These discoveries should not make us foolish enough to discredit or dishonour God who placed the wonderful features in their places for us to explore. Instead they should encourage and challenge us to adore and revere Him. He made these great features through Jesus Christ! The heavens truly declare the glory of God and the firmaments show his handiwork. [Psalms 19:1] 

We are the peak of God’s hand work! He loves us and welcomes us to fellowship with Him!