Deep Thoughts

This page is created to lift you up. Watch out.

1. Never look back. Never look back. Great woman/ man/ child of God; Never look back. Each person was made by God for a unique purpose. Every person is important and potentially great when he or she follows the principles of God for human life.  Putting your hands on the plough in olden days required firmness in the grip, good focus in the required direction the oxen pulling the plough were trained to pull. Looking back could make the plough to go in the wrong direction, contrary to the animal pulling it. without such awareness. That made a mess of the whole ploughing exercise. In the same manner, you cannot run a 100 metres Sprint Race by looking back. You would find yourself straying into another athlete’s track. That would compel the track judges to disqualify you even if you finish the race ahead of all others. Therefore you need to look forward.
2. Through Jesus Christ the Sting of Death is Gone!
3. Trust Jesus Christ Every Day; All The Way.
4. Be Ready When Death Shows Up.
5. Get Money, But Shun the Love of It.
6. The Blood of Jesus the Son of God, Cleanses Us from All Sin.
7. True and Lasting Peace, Purity and Power are Yours Through Jesus Christ.
8. STOP AND THINK: Stop searching for Miracles in the midst of skepticism and skeptics. Think and Act; Find your Miracles in the midst of Hope and the Hopeful. Hope never makes you ashamed. Hope never gives up. Hope dreams dreams; Dreams which get fulfilled because they are anchored to Him Who cannot fail.
9. HAVE YOU HEARD? That Problem is non-existent which Jesus cannot solve.

10. God makes the Family stable when he is fully accommodated. All belong to him- family, home and children.

11. “Go at it and Keep at it; For the Dictionary is the only place where Success comes before Work”. In true life situation, work precedes success. It is by dint of hard work and commitment that success is achieved. 

12. TODAY is the first day of the rest of your life.

13. You are married to your Best Friend. When the Children begin to arrive, do not demote Him or Her from the top.

14. We are accountable to God for how we make use of our lives. He gave them to us with full potential. The qualitative level at which we finish our lives is our return gift to God.


I. A Sin that He does not Hate.

II. A Sinner that He does not Love.

III. A Better Plan of Salvation than the One already made with and through JESUS!

IV. A Better Time to be Saved than NOW!

16. TO THE MARRIED; NEVER FORGET: Your body does not belong to you alone, but specially to you and your spouse ONLY! You are 50:50 Controllers! -1 Corinthians 7:1-5.

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