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Grateful Thanks

AgapeFocus is grateful to all friends across the world who contributed to our growth and reach during 2012 by way of visits,comments,contributions,subscriptions and additional means of encouragement. We express our grateful thanks. Please,continue to visit,leave your comments and subscribe for regular dispatch of posts to your address. We do appreciate you all. Thank you. We plan to send out posts more frequently than we did in 2012. God is our sufficiency and we trust Him to help us to that effect.


Across England,the wave of unrests,rioting,looting and vandalism displayed within the past six days especially in London and later extended to Birmingham,Liverpool, Salford, Manchester,Bristol,Wolverhampton,West Bromwich and Nottingham is not only horrific, but inhumane, wicked, reckless and totally inexcusable. We commiserate with all who have suffered varying degrees of losses, especially the bereaved families in Tottenham and Birmingham. We think about them all prayerfully. We commend the Police and the Fire Officers for their great efforts in the face of mounting provocations and violent behaviour. We add our voice to those of all well-meaning and patriotic citizens to condemn these shameful, irresponsible and unpatriotic behaviour.We pray that God would give wisdom and speed to the Government and Parliament as efforts are being made to put the nation safely back on track. We need more Police recruitment across the country now. We need to revisit issues affecting parenting and discipline. Teachers and Schools need more powers to effect firmer discipline.More jobs need to be created. More Holiday Play Schemes are needed for the young ones. May God help and have mercy on the United Kingdom and heal us. May peace, sanity,common sense,respect, positive human feelings and patriotism prevail. AMEN.


We at AgapeFocus were shocked to read the news about the transition of the Rev David Wilkerson into glory this week as a result of a motor accident. We receive the news with mixed feelings. Another General of the Cross has passed on. Thanks be to God! Our first contact with the great man was during the 1960s via his book ‘The Cross and The Switchblade’. Later on came the drama and filming of the good work. As a teenager, one of us, Dele, was gradually being introduced to the Gospel then, through the testimony of faith by David Wilkerson.That marked a significant encouragement till today. Our prayers and condolences go to his widow, family and ministry team. Cheer up, because true soldiers die at their posts. The glorious resurrection morning would soon dawn when our Lord Jesus Christ would appear and we shall be caught up together with David and other saints who have gone ahead, to meet with Jesus in the air, never to part again. Be comforted with this assurance. (1Thessalonians 4.13-18 )
One of David’s very recent blog posts ‘LOOKING UNTO JESUS ‘ reads:


The political and the socio-economic situations across the world and especially in Africa this Century demands great caution, patience, commitment, faithfulness and due diligence. The current waves of political and social changes sweeping across North Africa and parts of the Middle-East are glaring pointers to the need for both the leaders and the led to get things right and give to the teeming masses their deserved socio-economic boost, based on the combined resources of each nation. Political leaders should not wait for the times of approaching elections or public demonstrations before they start to pretend that they feel and understand the nagging problems of the masses. Elections are around the corners in many places across the globe, when leaders would be judged by the electorates in each nation at the polls.Campaigns are very hot in various places; and as we move on through this year, voters in more prominent nations would be calling the shots as they retain or do away with various administrations/political parties at various tiers of government. Next month,Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, would hold General Elections to elect, legislators to the states and national Assemblies, and also elect State Governors and the President. The whole world would focus attention on Nigeria, expecting to see an election that is not only free and fair, but putting into various offices, credible leaders who would deliver positively on their promises to the electorate!Prayers have been on for long.The days of buying of votes, harassment and intimidation of opponents, abuse of offices by the privileges of incumbency, are over! Voters are more educated now and must not sell or mortgage their rights because of temporary pleasures or gifts.The future well-being of the young ones,the unborn, as well as ALL, are of utmost importance.The future stability and progress of Nigeria must not be toyed with nor jeopardized because of selfish gains or ambitions.The law enforcement agencies should do their best to ensure the credibility of the general elections in Nigeria, to install leaders who would move the nation forward.The Electoral Commission must be above-board and transparently honest and fair. All hands must be on deck.That great African from Ghana,the late Dr. J.K Aggrey taught that: ….. Only the best is good enough for Africa. And I dare say that ONLY THE BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR NIGERIA. For Nigeria to continue to give credible leading contribution in Africa and in the world, we must put our house in order. NOW is the right time to give the best to Nigeria;not second best. Nigeria and indeed Africa needs and wants the best from the impending General Elections.GOD is also watching us! MAY IT BE SUCCESSFUL BY THE POWER OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD! AMEN!