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DAILY MEDITATION : ‘Thinking with You’

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Psalm 27:1 Before I knew the LORD, I was filled with fear. Fear of the unknown; fear of the future; fear of the dark places; fear of loneliness; fear of death and all other forms of fear gave me no peace. Since the LORD, in his mercies made himself known to me, my life became a new and different story of love, peace, joy and hope. The Psalmist testifies from his life experiences. He was exposed to rejection, oppression, attack, and rebellion. He knew what fear is, but he also knew and experienced the deliverance of the LORD, because he had learnt how to trust in the LORD. Therefore like David we, from a position of trust, can also testify. The LORD is my light, my salvation and the strength of my life. Darkness and the power thereof cannot make me afraid because I have the light of God in me and around me. Where light exists it is always dominant, and darkness is subdued. Light always shines in the dark and dispels any darkness around. This darkness is more than the physical darkness. Satan and his agents are of spiritual darkness. The wicked, mischievous, deceptive, oppressive, racist, violent, rapist, terrorist, arrogant, and all other immoral, people are of spiritual darkness. They cannot put me or you under or overcome us, because we trust the Lord, who is the defence, security, refuge and indeed the strength of our lives. I am not afraid of anyone. The LORD is with me with all of his power. These words are light and as we take them in, what great light is established in us!

DAILY MEDITATION: ‘Thinking with you’

The LORD is my shepherd I shall not want.Psalm 23:1 That is to say, I trust the LORD as my good and reliable Guide. He is my Provider, my Counsellor, who takes good care of me. I shall not lack that which is good. All my needs shall be met. I shall have my food supplied; eating and drinking to my satisfaction. My clothing, shelter, protection and security are guaranteed. As I seek his guidance, get understanding and become wiser to order my life in the right direction. I am part of a great multitude of people under the care of the Almighty, yet I particularly trust him in my own peculiar situation, as part of the flock of people he looks after. God knows my name and he knows my peculiar situation. I am going to be personally closer to him than before. I am going to open my heart to him and tell him how I feel and ask him what I need. I am confident that he will provide all I need. He will give me power to remain right, clean, focused and positively creative. The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.