The frequency of road accidents in Nigeria is a major concern to all patriots. The recklessness with which truck drivers(popularly referred to as trailer drivers) bully other road users in Nigeria leaves much to be desired. These drivers park carelessly on virtually most roads, making driving difficult and hazardous to others. These inconsiderate drivers have been given the title of ‘Kings of the Roads’. Thus they use their usurped and unmerited title to oppress and very often maim or kill innocent and law abiding citizens. The presence of the Road Safety Corps improves the dangerous situation a bit.
The government should improve the  rail network. With that done most of this self-imposed terror on Nigerian roads should be drastically reduced with the distribution of goods around the country being taken over by the Railways Corporation!  Where so needed, the Trailer lorries could be utilised to distribute goods for very short distances only to depots from where smaller trucks would take them to the consumers. 
Please help to stop unnecessary carnage on Nigerian roads. Reduce drastically the menacing and destructive presence of the so-called TRAILER LORRIES AND THEIR  TERRORISM ON NIGERIAN ROADS! Any feet-dragging or delay is equal to SELF-IMPOSED TERRORISM. No one is above the law. Not even any company,  group or  class. Is it not true that Alhadji Aliko Dangote owns the largest of the fleet of trailers?  Being a big Industrialist and Entrepreneur; in fact Africa’s number 1; Alhadji Dangote should spearhead the new move to SANITISE the menacing and terrorising mess on Nigerian roads. Enough is enough! 

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