After all the mud-slinging, noises, threats, disappointments, failures, shameful drama, squandermania associated with governance and the electioneering, Nigerians have spoken with clear authority. Let all politicians learn the lesson of responsibility and accountability and the due reward for good service. Let all Nigerians hold their heads high for the overall success of the elections so far. Let the remaining Elections be conducted peacefully and creditably.
In addition to the suggestion we made in February for a multi-party Government, we emphasise that the APC should form cabinet made up good men and women from within and outside its party. Credible persons do abound in Nigeria, ready to serve. Many in Diaspora are eager to contribute their own quota to nation-building.
The good gesture demonstrated by the out-going President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in congratulating General Mohammad Buhari and conceding victory to him, is a welcome development to all Nigerians. It is a show of maturity and good statesmanship.
Despite problems faced by INEC a good work has been done. Should Professor Jega go? AgapeFocus says NO; NOT YET. Let him be allowed to perfect the process.
Nigerians, please let peace reign. May GOD bless Nigeria.

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