The elections need not be a MAKE OR BREAK affair as some people are poised to make it. We appeal to submit that the Nation consider the following: The elections should not be postponed. Doing so is dangerous to stability.
1. Have a Government of National Unity after the Presidential Election?
2. Whoever wins should head the Government.
3. Winners at the State level Gubernatorial elections could follow suit.
4. Select the best brains from all the Registered Parties to form a strong Cabinet.
5. Other Best Brains not in any political party should also be appointed to serve.
6. The New Government should not be a Monopoly of the victorious candidate.
7. The Foolish and Wasteful Salary Structure of Political Office Holders should and must be DRASTICALLY REDUCED.
8. The National Assembly should be more responsible, faster, patriotic and frugal.
9. All of us Nigerians, should repent; seek God and cherish Righteousness. May the LORD God Almighty deliver Nigeria. Amen.

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