We are in the last phase of this world systems. These are the last days. God says that those who honour Him, He would honour them in return. Friends, Do you know that the converse is also true? As human beings, we feel unworthy to deliver this message. However, a Nigerian proverb states that “It is the one who sends you on errand that should be reverenced and feared more than the recipient of the message”. Therefore, we boldly declare Peace to the United Kingdom, in the name of the LORD, Maker of Heaven and Earth. From Scotland to England, Peace; and From Wales to Northern Ireland, Peace. All your hindrances and hinderers; all your torments and tormentors shall be as nothing. They shall be sought and no more found. In your obedience lies your Peace, Stability, Recovery and Prosperity. You are also loved by me, but you have been very cold in recent times. Stop, think and retrace your steps back to me fully. Do not undermine, nor abandon your good statutes. Do not alter nor shift the old boundaries of godliness which your forebears upheld and which you inherited from them. You must not follow the crowd to do evil under the guise of modernity. Do not celebrate profanity, whoredom, or idolatry. I, the LORD would guide you, if you would obey me. The consequences of your disobedience are very grievous. I am the LORD in your midst and I still love you.

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