The news of the horrible shooting incident in an Elementary School,(Sandy Hook Elementary?)in Newtown,Connecticut was received with shock. We give our heartfelt condolence to the affected families,the local and state authorities.Agape Focus joins others around the world to call on the USA law makers to review gun laws in the entire nation without delay.For a young man to pounce on innocent children and some school staff with such recklessness,leaves a lot to be desired.Whilst it may be considered legal to carry gun in self defense and protection, other means of ensuring safety for citizens needs to be explored.May the LORD God give wisdom to the US to handle the situation promptly and rightly,without equivocation.Every possible device needs to be placed in such public places as schools to beef up security.This is not the first of such incidents.This is not being extra-emotional.It is the shedding of the blood of the innocents,yet again! ”A stitch in time saves nine.” Unconfirmed reports stated that the man had earlier shot dead his father at home and then went on to shoot dead his mother who worked in the same school.18 innocent children killed in cold blood! Tears flowing; hearts broken and bleeding. This is outrageous,heinous crime.! May God have mercy on America as she reacts and decides. AMEN.

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  1. Posted by Steve on Dec 15, 2012 at 2:26 pm

    Too bad that teachers weren’t packing. May have been a lot less blood shed. You people who want gun control obviously don’t understand criminals will have guns no matter what controls you have and statistics prove the more people carrying the fewer crimes in those areas. Look it up and and quit making it up.



    • Thank you Steve for your comment. What would happen if every adult carries gun? Don’t you think that a measure of control is needed, to check the physical and psychological state of any adult carrying gun? Those approved to carry guns also need to be reassessed over a period of time. This may be necessary to ensure normalcy,sanity and no fresh deteriorating or criminally inclined behaviour. At best,all nations need to fear and reverence Almighty God. Then the leaders would serve the populace and not the other way round.



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