Stop and think for while! Cancel your move towards separation or divorce! Make a U-Turn at the very next exit,just a minute away(PRAY).You could be the one to make the first move.Surely,you can take the initiative towards reconcilliation.Never give up.Do not forget that you are two separate individuals,of different upbringing, different temperaments and with different opinions.You need to recognize,appreciate and respect your individual differences mutually.No one should insist on having his or her own way all the time.It takes the two of you to disagree or quarrel.You may disagree without losing your focus,temper or relationship. What happens if you win an arguement and you lose the other person or your spouse?Surely you may not desire such.Therefore,there is the need for patience,tolerance and mutual respect between you and your spouse.Good communication demand that you listen and not be the lecturer or teacher all the time.God has endowed the other person with unique abilities and gifts different from yours.As you appreciate this fact, you would be able to combine the gifts from two unique persons to make a successful marriage. Some persons have cancelled the sentence “I am sorry” from their vocabulary and dictionary!Try not to become that kind of a person.No marriage is free of problems, except where the couples are deceptive.However,God can help any willing and determined couple to overcome problems and succeed in their marriage.Marriage is not an affair for experimentation.It is a life-time covenant relationship between a man and a woman who are in love.Your spouse should be your friend from whom nothing about you is hidden.That means he or she is trustworthy.He or she should be your lover.That means you can go all-out to ensure his or her well-being,joy and safety, to the extent of taking risks!Is that your kind of relationship?As Christians,who are children of God,your desire is first and foremost to please God.God is the only one who knows about and should control all aspects of your relationship.Is there where you are?The Bible states that there should be mutual submission and respect. The husband is to love his wife as Christ loves the church and gave himself for the church.A man should not be harsh to his wife,but handle her gently and honourably,treating her as the weaker vessel.The wife should not take undue advantage of her husband,but respect her husband and obey him as she would obey Christ. (Ephesians 5:21-33;Colossians 3:18-19;1Peter 3:1-7).For details,please get in touch with us at AgapeFocus.God bless you.

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