Undoubtedly, the Syrian regime has become increasingly,offensively and tyrannically notorious.The Syrian Government has joined the cruel band of reckless regimes! The glaring intransigence of the government in the face of global appeals, leaves very much to be desired. The United Nations should no longer watch the Syrian regime as the savage killings continue! The Syrian regime is no longer fit for purpose because it has chosen to massacre its own citizens. Peace initiatives have failed. Cease fire has not been properly observed. The latest savagery in Houla should provoke UN Decisive action. The observer status of UN Forces calls for urgent review.32 Children killed in cold blood among a minimum of 90! Shedding of innocent blood is the final straw. Innocent blood cry out aloud for justice and judgment! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!This regime must go now!The United Nations Security Council should take appropriate action now in addition to sanctions! There is urgent need for the cessation of all hostilities. There should be urgent political reforms. President Bashar al-Assad must resign and go, because he is cruel, brutal and heartless!. Terrorists must be excluded. Civil War could be disastrous and must be avoided! May God have mercy on Syria.

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