JESUS SAYS; I Have Come to Save You; Do Not Fear

In the midst of trials, temptations, problems and various challenges of life, Jesus Christ is nearby, willing, ready and eager to come to our rescue. Nothing is too difficult for him. Simply invite him into the ship, boat, vehicle of your life. ALL will be well.
Jesus came to the rescue of his disciples while they were on board a boat which was threatened with storms and appeared ready to be swallowed by the waves. He commanded: Peace,Be Still! . In the same way, he commands peace into your life, when you invite him into your life.

Jesus also said: Come unto me all ye who labour and are heavy laden; And I will give you rest………. Jesus assures you of rest. Solution to your life’s problems, giving you a new lease of life of peace and joy. Call upon Jesus now. Waste no more time.

The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Come! Respond to the invitation of Jesus Christ.Your welfare is assured, both now and eternally,after this present world comes to an end.
Please, join in as the enthusiastic  Marske Fishermens Choir sings ‘I’ll Stand By Until The Morning’:
<a href="” title=”I’ll Stand By Until The Morning”>

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