Marriage was established by God for the sustenance and well being of human beings. After the creation of the earth, plants and the lower animals, man was made  to take charge of the earth as the ruler. God Almighty, the Creator, gave man the unique priviledge to name all the creatures he had created. The man called Adam, was the only one of his own kind, whereas the other creatures were in twos; male and female. God saw that it was not good for the man to be alone, so he produced a female of the human species by taking part of Adam; the male of the man specie. The female man was named Eve by Adam.Genesis 1.26;2.20; 2.21-25.                                                                                                               Christian marriage is possible between a man and a woman only. Modern society has created deviations from the normal. This has sent confusing signals to many children and the youths. Worse still,some individuals exercised their human rights by undergoing transexual changes in the theatre. some of these have had to change again back into their previous sex. This indicates a state of apparent confusion,because such individuals do not even know what they need or want. What God did at the begining was perfect and needs no manipulations. When the iPad was made, many followed after it. So it was for the various brands of smart phones. Each producer had a manual which needed to be followed in order to enjoy the product. In like manner, God inspired the production of the best Manual. It is called the Bible. Different writers, living over many centuries, wrote under the same inspiration, producing a smooth flow of life-enhancing messages. The marriage institution occupies a significant place in all these messages. As a result of the undiminished impact of inspiration and its sequential message, the stage was set for the restoration of the human race from muddy, messy pit, back into glory, God had clearly shown his undiminished love and regard for the human race despite human rebellion and disobedience. Human beings had a relational breakdown, creating a vacuum.Only God could adequately fill that vacuum. So many scriptural illustrations portray the matrimonial setting, embracing the negative and positive aspects of the human experience in relationships. In the Divine relationship with mankind, God exhibits magnanimity, compassion and forgiveness through grace, climaxed in the final redemptive initiative of the Almighty God. This was effected through Jesus Christ. Between the time when our initial forebears disobeyed God and fell into deliberately chosen mess and the divine initiative, there were persistent efforts by God to link the human race with himself, without success. God was preparing the stage for the ultimate deliverance. God finally sent Jesus out on the greatest of all rescue missions. Mankind was delivered from the chains of Satan, sin plus its after-effects;  and both spiritual and physical death. Jesus had to taste death for every human being ever born and ever to be born into this world! He died for our sins as our individual and collective substitute. He was buried, but he arose on the third day as the Scriptures foretold. This same Jesus is alive today and he is eager, willing and able to help anyone in every aspect of life. He is ready to help bring joy, peace, purpose and fulfilment into your relationships and marriage. All a person needs to do is to involve Jesus by delibrately inviting him in by prayer. Christian marriage is compared to the perfect relationship modelled betwen Christ and the Church(This is made up of all those who have surrenderred their lives into the guidance and leadership of Jesus Christ). This model of a marriage is established and sustained by covenant relationship. It is characterized by selfless love, forgiveness, positive communication, provision, guidance, protection,prunning, reciprocal or responsive, obedient love and fruitfulness.                     At the human level, marriage was made for companionship Ephesians5:21-33. It was made for helpfulness and care in prosperity and in adversity. Genesis 2:18. It was made for the fulfilment of the natural instincts, emotionally and sexually. 1Corinthians7:2-5;Genesis2:24-25. It was made for the increase of mankind, through production of children brought up in love, unity and discipline, in the will of God.Genesis1:28;Ge nesis4:1-2;Proverbs22:6;Colossians 3:20-21. Follow us on this and many subsequent posts by your comments or questions. God bless you.

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