In these days and times of great instability and uncertainties we all need assurance, insurance, and a more constant and reliable base, centre and source. Where can this be found? ONLY IN GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST! There are strains, stresses and instabilities on the international, national, community, domestic and personal levels. Each person, groups of people, communities and nations try to find solutions to the many problems which confront mankind today, with temporary or zero success. The challenges, claims and offerings of help, support and blessings from God, through Jesus Christ, are not taken promptly by many, due to ignorance, arrogance or pride. God has given counsel on all aspects of life, including governance at all levels of human organization. It is the ignorant who needs instruction and knowledge; the thirsty, who needs drink; the hungry, who needs food; the sick, who needs the physician or healing; the lonely, who needs companionship; the lost, who needs rescue and guidance; the blind, who needs sight or leading; the deaf, who needs hearing or guidance; the bound,who needs deliverance and freedom; the ruler, who needs wisdom; the soldier, who needs courage and strategy; the chef, who needs the right skill, ingredients, decency and cheer; the sailor,who needs both the compass and the anchor! What is an anchor? Ordinarily, it is a strong, heavy steel structure, attached to a boat or ship by a cable, helping to keep the vessel stable, by restricting its movement, when dropped overboard. In general terms, an anchor could be a source of stability or security. That security and stability is what God Almighty, through Jesus Christ provides for all human beings. Sin Kills, but JESUS Saves from sin, by giving forgiveness, life and eternal life. He saves from death and eternal loss. He died on the cross as a substitute for each person ever born into this world. He was buried, but arose the third day as a proof that his substitutionary death for all mankind was accepted by the Almighty God, who raised him from death! Now that Jesus is alive, forgiveness and everlasting life is freely offerred to you and me. Security both now and in eternity(endless period after this present life) is provided by Jesus Christ when you surrender your will and life control to him. Your life would be just spot on. Then you would hold your own in the battles and challenges of life, because Jesus would be your anchor

Ely Cathedral Choir, Cambridgeshire sing:

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  1. Posted by Seun on Oct 5, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    Spot on! It’s a time when we all need a touch of God…and it reminds us that earthly treasures are not eternal, hence we need to start storing up or treasures in heaven by using our God-given talents and just like in the Bible take a God-funded risk and trade those talents so when He returns He has more of us to glorify His Name. Shalom!



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