Across England,the wave of unrests,rioting,looting and vandalism displayed within the past six days especially in London and later extended to Birmingham,Liverpool, Salford, Manchester,Bristol,Wolverhampton,West Bromwich and Nottingham is not only horrific, but inhumane, wicked, reckless and totally inexcusable. We commiserate with all who have suffered varying degrees of losses, especially the bereaved families in Tottenham and Birmingham. We think about them all prayerfully. We commend the Police and the Fire Officers for their great efforts in the face of mounting provocations and violent behaviour. We add our voice to those of all well-meaning and patriotic citizens to condemn these shameful, irresponsible and unpatriotic behaviour.We pray that God would give wisdom and speed to the Government and Parliament as efforts are being made to put the nation safely back on track. We need more Police recruitment across the country now. We need to revisit issues affecting parenting and discipline. Teachers and Schools need more powers to effect firmer discipline.More jobs need to be created. More Holiday Play Schemes are needed for the young ones. May God help and have mercy on the United Kingdom and heal us. May peace, sanity,common sense,respect, positive human feelings and patriotism prevail. AMEN.

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