According to God’s holy law, William and Kate have become husband and wife!Hearty congratulations to the Prince and Princess;Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge! What an electrifying spectacle it was to behold, even from the limited view of TV in the lounge! How much more spectacular it would have been for on site viewers! It was such a colourful combination of both natural and artificial costumes, and decorations;royal and common. What a good and thoughtful selection of hymns and special renditions by the choir. What a brief but powerful message from the Bishop of London. What a magnificent blend of posh cars and delectable horse-drawn carriages! It was simply ecstatic, more so with the two special kisses from the balcony! What a loving, patient and expectant crowd! What joy and fulfilment! Handsome William, Arthur, Phillip, Louis and his beautiful Catherine Elizabeth pronounced man and wife by the Archbishop of Canterbury, after pledges and giving of ring. Eight years of courtship ended so joyfully. What a reenactment of true love between the Monarchy and the People;what joy and what delight!What therefore God hath joined together,let not man put asunder (Matthew19.6b). Congratulations too to the happy parents of the bride and bridegroom!Congratulations to our Queen,HRM Elizabeth II and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, happy grandparents! Many years ago, a friend advised my wife and I not to listen to the noise of the market crowd, but to face the stall owner from whom we want to buy. When you go to an open market or a super market, you usually hear different voices from different points or stalls. Trying to focus your attention on every sound is an impossible, distractive and harmful task. To the new couple, I relay the same old advice: Please focus more on each other than you have ever done. No room for distractions. As you have fun and laugh, pause to listen,talk and communicate well. Mutual trust, respect, patience, forgiveness, openness and faith in Jesus Christ will give you life-time joy and peace when challenges come, because these constitute LOVE! May you win and have marital bliss! CONGRATULATIONS!

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