We at AgapeFocus were shocked to read the news about the transition of the Rev David Wilkerson into glory this week as a result of a motor accident. We receive the news with mixed feelings. Another General of the Cross has passed on. Thanks be to God! Our first contact with the great man was during the 1960s via his book ‘The Cross and The Switchblade’. Later on came the drama and filming of the good work. As a teenager, one of us, Dele, was gradually being introduced to the Gospel then, through the testimony of faith by David Wilkerson.That marked a significant encouragement till today. Our prayers and condolences go to his widow, family and ministry team. Cheer up, because true soldiers die at their posts. The glorious resurrection morning would soon dawn when our Lord Jesus Christ would appear and we shall be caught up together with David and other saints who have gone ahead, to meet with Jesus in the air, never to part again. Be comforted with this assurance. (1Thessalonians 4.13-18 )
One of David’s very recent blog posts ‘LOOKING UNTO JESUS ‘ reads:

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