My friend, please try to give room for Smile.It is now common belief and knowledge that a smile or sincere laughter makes a person feel better. A person makes use of 72 muscles to frown; while only 14 muscles are needed to smile.Therefore, we expend more energy in frowning and give ourselves more stress and sorrow whilst frowning. On the other hand, smiling is less cumbersome, less energy-exerting and yet more beneficial to our bodies. A genuine smile,not a pretentious one,promotes good health. CHEER UP;Give your face a good smile.Give your face a good change. Stress vanishes gradually, the immune system is boosted and you feel better. Please,smile awhile and give your face a change. Someone once said: If when you need LEMONADE; you could only get LEMON, try to add ADE to it and you have your much-needed Lemonade! How about that? You can create what you need from what you have. However, we need to strike a good balance and never slip into too much laxity; as too much of laughter could be dangerous too, if it makes us focus less on our God-given duties and responsibilities! SERVING GOD IS NOT A REASON TO FROWN ALL THE WAY! May the Humorous, Almighty God bless you in the name of Jesus. Amen. Apply brakes, as you read what some experts say on Help guide about humour and laughter. AgapeFocus does not agree with all of the contents, but there is some good therein:

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