Am I my brother’s keeper? Are you your brother’s keeper? Are we our brothers’ keepers? In whatever way you configure this ageless million-dollar question, you are bound to arrive at the same answer. YES! That was and it is the stand of God, Who expects each one of us to look after, not just our own interests, but those of our neighbours as well; be they relations, friends,or acquaintances, male or female.Genesis4:8-12 The role of the international community over the situation in Libya, leaves very much to be desired, considering the fact that the on-going carnage is now on the rapid increase. Human lives are being wasted and another devastation is imminent as the City of Benghazi is being approached by the pro-Gaddafi troops! While respecting the territorial sovereignty of Libya, the raging conflict, now on the scale of civil war,would spell disaster, not only for Libya, but for the North African sub-region as well. What is NATO waiting for? What is the U.N.O. waiting for? What is OAU waiting for? What is the Arab League waiting for? PLEASE, let this carnage stop. The sudden and very grave situation in Japan is not an excuse for NATO to sneak out of its responsibility, neither is it any excuse for the United Nations Organization. The massacre in Libya could be stopped, even if Gaddafi is left in power , though his removal is most desirable, if a retrogression is to be avoided.
How well is the OAU handling the situation in IVORY COAST?Has it gone to sleep over the avoidable predicament of the innocent masses of this front-line producer of cocoa; whose future is being allowed to be messed up by a sit-tight dictator called Laurent Gbagbo? The electorate in Ivory Coast has spoken by giving the mandate of 54% of the votes to Alassane Ouattara as the new President. Diplomatic, economic and military measures should all be employed to eject Gbagbo, who does not care to kill his people in order to hold on to power! The ejection of Gbagbo is long overdue. The same is true of his collaborators-in-crime (MUGABE and GADDAFI). Let prayers be made fervently for the mercies of God in the situations in Japan, Libya and Ivory Coast, please.Thank you and may God bless you.The US-based online weekly,The African Sun Times,on Monday14th March 2011,in an article on Ivory Coast,ended on an interesting note

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