As Japan struggles through the devastation of daytime earthquake and tsunami of unprecedented dimensions, our hearts go out to the entire country. May the LORD have mercy on Japan! Please, let us join forces with other positive efforts around the world towards the alleviation of this horrific loss and debilitating, painful sorrows. In addition, please let the entire Church intercede for Japan and the rest of the world in these days of uncertainties and troubles.May the LORD comfort, strengthen and help Japan in her assessment, reconstruction and recovery.With GOD, Japan shall recover fully! May there be a miraculous neutralization of the dangerous release of radio-active materials into the environment! May the LORD have mercy on us all! AMEN.

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  1. Posted by ADEOLU BORISADE on Mar 15, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Lord, have mercy on Japan!
    Lord, have mercy on the world!
    Lord, have mercy on Your creation! Amen.



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