On the 3rd of October 2010, I posted a small article on ‘A Solemn Assembly’. A solemn assembly is a gathering of people, with the intent of humbly seeking after God, in realization of individual as well as collective failure. The need for a Solemn Assembly by the Church in every land is very urgent. NOW is the time to have this Solemn Assembly again.Let anyone who reveres,loves and fears God get ready for a time to seek his face, not just as an individual,but collectively with others of like faith. Let the call ring in Jerusalem. Let it ring in the Vatican. Let it ring in London.Let it ring in Washington DC.Let it ring in Abuja,in Paris,Tokyo, Beijing,Berlin, Moscow,Canberra, Riyadh,Cape Town, Delhi,Oslo,Cairo,and every city, town, village and hamlet around the world! Let there be sober reflections.Let the religious and political leaders fall in line to initiate/spearhead this time of humble,sober, repentant seeking after God.Let there be prayers for the extra-ordinary mercies of God over the world.Let us pray that God may forgive our nations for various acts of arrogance,stubbornness,bloodshed,discrimination,selfishness,greed,espionage, oppression,bullying,subtle economic domination and recolonization,and various other ungodly acts which are counter-productive to human fulfilment and world peace.GOD is waiting for us all at the places of prayers! We must not toy with this call or give up! Nobody needs special counsel to know that the frequent episodes of economic and political turbulence plus natural disasters are clear pointed messages! God would honour our prompt and positive action.DEAR ELDERS AND LEADERS, MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL AS YOU RESPOND TO THIS URGENT CALL FOR THE HEALING TOUCH OF GOD OVER OUR WORLD.THANK YOU.

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  1. Posted by Maureen Ojukwu on Mar 7, 2011 at 4:28 am

    I have received millions of email in my life time, this email is one of the most important emails that I have received during my life time so far, I agree with all my heart that there is a need for a solemn assembly, anybody with the spirit of God knows or should know that there is a need for ‘The church’, that is the christians, the redeemed of the Lord to fall on our faces, asking God for mercy. The intercessors cannot afford to be distracted, the enemy is working very hard by throwing everything that he can pick up to throw at christians so as to take their eyes off of the target unto our so called personal issues like,sickness,financial hardship, family discord, etc. As individual, we must stay focus because like Paul the apostle said, paraphrased if death is the ultimate,and to die is gain, so what else is out there that is suppose to scare us. With this frame of mind, we will not be distracted. People lets put on the whole ramour of God and move into the battle field that is ragging.



    • Thank you for your encouraging mail, Sister Maureen. We must not be distracted or hindered; no matter what the enemy tries. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church as established by JESUS CHRIST. Please, let us go all out as we intercede and encourage others too. The LORD is with us. Amen. God bless you.



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