Recently, I wrote about the Blood of Jesus Christ as the only all-sufficient remedy(PANACEA) for all of the problems of mankind! The blood of Jesus does not only speak peace, mercy and pardon; it spells devastating defeat for the devil and all his evil agents in the heavens, here on earth, under the earth, inside the ocean depths, and inside the hearts and minds of all persons! Far more than all these, the blood of Jesus secures your freedom from sin and all bad habits, from sicknesses and all diseases, from fears within and without. After Jesus Christ arose from the grave on the third day after his death, he went to heaven, carrying his own blood,which he presented to his Father, the ALMIGHTY GOD, Who sent him on the one and only rescue mission for all of mankind,(meant to save every person from the start to the end of human history)! His was and is the only perfect sacrifice. As God in human flesh, Jesus came to this world to make peace between the holy offended God and disobedient, sinful mankind. As man he was most qualified to represent all human beings because he was and he is the only man who lived without a sin! As God, he came from the bosom of the ALMIGHTY GOD, leaving his highly exalted position, to take on a lowly status and be born as a man through the overshadowing of the HOLY SPIRIT upon the virgin called Mary. JESUS, filled with the HOLY SPIRIT as CHRIST, was able to carry out a very successful ministry on Earth. The climax of it all was his death by crucifixion on the cross outside the city walls of Jerusalem, paying the price for my sins and yours and rescuing all mankind. Before his death on the cross, he was tied to the whipping post and flogged by fierce, strong Roman soldiers, until he was almost lifeless.The pains which he suffered and the wounds inflicted upon his body represented all my pains, sufferings, weaknesses, sicknesses and diseases including yours. All these procured my healing and your healing. Jesus after being nailed to the cross, suffered and died. One of those crack, efficient soldiers took a spear and forced it into his side, forcing out blood and water! These were done by them in ignorance, but through it Jesus made my healing and yours secured. That was in fulfilment of the prophecy of God through Isaiah hundreds of years before then, that the Messiah would bear our griefs,carry our sorrows, our sins and iniquities, be flogged to bring us peace and the stripes that wound him would heal and make us well (Isaiah 53:4-5). NOW you can receive your healing, wherever you may be. Whatever your physical or physiological condition, you may receive your healing NOW! CALL upon JESUS today; even NOW! I PLEAD that the powerful blood of JESUS CHRIST would meet that particular need of yours this very day; even now as you call upon JESUS, inviting him into your life and situation.God bless you.
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  1. Posted by George on Aug 5, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Thanks for this. I’m having huge things to overcome (and at time feel to much). This is just what I needed.



    • Thank you George; you are very much welcome. Thanks be to God that the Blood of Jesus Christ can never lose its power. Day or night; mountains or valleys; desert or wet richland; There is power to wash clean. Power to heal; power to set free; power to humiliate and defeat the powers of darkness and evil. Power to live and walk in victory. God bless you for your encouraging testimony.



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