These are challenging times all over the world.The hearts of men, women, girls and boys are filled with fear of the uncertainties of life.Fear of the unknown tomorrow is there.Fear of the availability of the next meal to eat is there for multitudes!There is the fear of unstable marriages and family upheavals! Fear of constant abuses from low and high quarters has seized the lives of many.Fear of the effects of distant past, recent or impending natural disasters has left scars in the minds and lives of many.Fear of strives, wars and rumours of wars, has destabilized the pattern of human lives in many lands. Seasonal predictions or forecasts are no longer accurate because of the frequent environmental abusive pollutions by human activities, arising from increasing industrialization.There is the fear of unpredictable, fluctuating economies!The deliberate, pretentious, partial or total ignoring of the hazardous effects of addictive, dangerous drugs such as nicotine, marijuana,cocaine, morphine,and the likes, in the world today, has continued to send confusing signals to emerging youths,who are the future leaders of the world.The increasing rarity of encountering good role models in our societies has made the future to look gloomy and blurred! WHAT CAN WE DO? It is very important to turn our attention upon the MANUFACTURER of the world, Who is THE ALMIGHTY GOD. We all need an ANCHOR; we need a HELPER. We need a reliable FRIEND. We need a RECTIFIER. We need a SAVIOUR! His name is JESUS CHRIST, MAKER of the world! For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved (Romans 10:13). Jesus is the SOLUTION to our world’s problems today! Give Him the chance! Please view this message of song in addition. GOD bless you.
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