Blood of human beings is too powerful and precious a substance to be toyed with! It is so linked with life, that if anyone spills blood recklessly, he or she would pay dearly for it both NOW and in ETERNITY! As I have stated before, blood has a loud voice that cannot be silenced. All the weapons in a country’s armoury cannot silence the voice of human blood, especially blood spilled unnecessarily! Blood spilled by tyrants would haunt them and follow their generations until there is repentance- a U-turn back to GOD. Let the leaderships in Libya, Iran, Bahrain and other places take note that power belongs to GOD. It is GOD Who delegates this to them through the people, who are the real representative custodians of the power. If a group of elites/ usurpers of powers/democratically elected leaders/sit-tight power- drunk tyrants/ or any other category of leadership ignore or maltreat the people who allowed them into office, then an opportune time, a right time(KAIROS moment),would come when they would be ejected from office! The blood of the innocent is still crying out for justice and vengeance!There is no hiding place for wicked, callous leadership!Let the security forces be wise and not descend so low as to destroy the people they have sworn to protect.It is the people(the Masses;the ELECTORATE) who own the nation.It is not the natural resources or physical boundaries alone that make up a nation. Good as these physical entities are, they are useless if all the people are marginalized, impoverished,starved or destroyed! Who then would these leaders rule over or govern? Let there be caution/ reason/ discretion/ and sanity.The BLOOD of the innocent has a loud voice which cannot be silenced! ENOUGH OF THIS RECKLESS SPILLAGE! Let the people be listened to; let there be constructive dialogue; let these nations move positively forwards.Time is running out. This is 2011 and not 1711!

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