30 years of reckless shedding of the blood of the innocent in Egypt has come to a halt!The highly commendable,peaceful,courageous and emphatic protests of the majority in Egypt is exemplary and is a sure show-piece for the rest of the observing world from the east,west,north or south.The positive utilization of global social networking facilities for effective communication has come to stay.The enlightened minds of people of all ages, cohesively assembled for a positive common goal cannot be overwhelmed, nor underestimated.The wise, cautious discretion displayed by the Egyptian Military is highly commendable!This is the dawning of a new era in the annals of Egyptian history.In the midst of the jubilation and subsequent consultations / dialogues to move Egypt forward, there is great need for caution.Egypt is set up for greater achievement on all fronts.The potential is enormous and the sky is the limit! Africa has scored another positive;Ditto the Arab world.CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF EGYPT!Now to the CAUTION:The new constitutional reform should embrace RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE.Secondly,POLITICAL VIEWS of both majority and the minorities should be coalesced to enhance the much needed development.Free,fair and credible elections are a must as the transition progresses and produces the much desired civilian rule. Thirdly, the PEACE of the Middle East Region must be enhanced.Then the much needed positive transition, leading to accelerated development would not be hindered,not distracted nor derailed.One only hopes that Zimbabwe is watching and listening.Iran is no exception either.The list is almost endless,across Asia,Europe,South America and Africa.Tyrants and dictators should reappraise their loyalties to the countries they claim to govern,instead of serving.The blood of the innocent is still speaking and calling out for justice;WATCH OUT! General elections in Nigeria this year must be handled properly and credibly to enthrone the people’s choices at the various tiers of governance.The ELECTORATE must be respected and not toyed with!

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