Do you know that BLOOD has a voice? God spoke to the first murderer on Earth,Cain thus:”What have you done?The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to me from the ground”(Genesis 4:10- Amplified Bible).Cain was cursed as a result.The life of a person is contained in the blood. When the flow of blood stops, the life of an individual ceases.Blood flows through the human body via vessels called veins, arteries and capillaries.The heart is the organ which helps to pump blood via these vessels.Many lives have been prolonged through blood transfusions donated by willing charitable persons.Blood is therefore very precious and must not be wasted. It is an act of total callousness, disregard and cruelty for human blood to be wasted through violent acts such as riots, gangsterism, murders,wars, suicide – linked and similar acts of terrorism, which waste human lives recklessly and spill the blood of the innocent. There are virtually endless stories of tyrants and dictators who forcefully or deceitfully assume positions of leadership in various countries around the world. These are examples of political aberrations; absurdities of highest orders, which have plagued many nations, hitherto. In the process of these crude assumptions of power, it is inevitable that blood be shed and many lives lost. From South America to North America; from Europe to Asia; from Africa to Australia and the Antarctica; it is the same story of blood of the innocent being shed through various acts of inhumanity by power-drunk, drug-possessed,greed-possessed,lust-possessed and arrogant,deluded people, overwhelmed by insatiable passions,leading them to fulfill their selfish desires at the expense of innocent men,women and children whose blood get wasted!The blood thus shed are crying all around the world! The blood of the innocent is crying out for vengeance and judgment! Where would these wicked killers go to hide? THERE IS NO HIDING PLACE FOR THEM!Blood is crying in Egypt!Blood is crying in Tunisia!Blood is crying in Nigeria!Blood is crying in Iran!Blood is crying in the U.K.!Blood is crying in the U.S.A.!Blood is crying in China!Blood is crying in Iraq and Afghanistan! Blood is crying in Zimbabwe!Blood is crying all over the world!THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT IS CRYING OUT FOR VENGEANCE! What must we do to rectify this MALADY?TRUE REPENTANCE. Being sorry enough to stop these wicked actions and to plead for the forgiveness of God.ONLY ONE BLOOD DOES NOT CRY FOR VENGEANCE!This is the BLOOD OF JESUS. The blood of Jesus cries out for mercy and forgiveness!As we all pray for God to forgive our various countries,let us come to God in humility,pleading forgiveness on the basis of the blood of Jesus shed for the washing away of our sin in all its forms and stains!YES, indeed, blood does speak, but know that our hope is only in the blood that speaks out for mercy!

2 responses to this post.

    a cry from the blood if innocent babis against abortion.
    Please pray for media attention & radio air-play.
    Thank you,

    Brenda Farley BMI Author/Artist



    • Thank you Brenda. That is another area wherein the blood of the innocent is being spilled all over the world. I wonder if there is any nation free from this guilt! MAY GOD HAVE MERCY.



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