BOOK SUMMARY: ‘More Than Vuvuzela Sounds’

This book is about Nature,Football and the simple Christian Message in a nutshell. It is exclusively a true story of the past, present and the future. It focuses on the Vuvuzela Horn featured prominently during the 19th FIFA World Cup Fiesta in South Africa,during the months of June and July 2010. It makes interesting reading, as it features football; takes the readers to the early years of the author, during the British rule in Nigeria; and gives an interestingly strange report of an attack by wild honey bees with miraculous deliverance. The author uses the typologies of bees,stings,honey,football,Vuvuzelas and appropriate Scriptures to present the Christian message in a simple way.You are invited to get a copy and read the book.It is interesting, informative,educative, humorous and equally inspiring.

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