Love is of God and in fact God is Love.Anyone who does not love certainly does not know God.God showed his love right from the beginning of the making of man by giving man dominion over the world that he had made.When man failed,God did not abandon mankind, but offered us a way of escape from the catastrophic consequences of our sinful action.Jesus came as sent by God to make peace between us and God.Jesus said:greater love has no man than this;that a man laid down his life for his friends. Love is demonstrated in reciprocal love to the first giver. It is also expressed in trust and obedience.For any two persons to live together or relate together, there must be mutual respect, trust and love between them.Love must be willing to accept the other person just as she/he is.Only God in his perfect love has the power and right to lay a perfect way for us.This he has done once and for all through Jesus whom he sent. Human love does not therefore seek to make another person fit into his/her own mould or assessment, but gives audience to the other person’s views,no matter how wrong they may appear.In the process of time,because of the basic acceptance,not condoning; the person in the wrong may be able to see aright and reason with the more accurate,accommodating and loving friend.God gave an open invitation long time ago thus: ‘‘Come now and let us reason together’’,He said. If God could so extend an invitation to man,why should fellow human beings fail to do so to their neighbours;or why alternatively refuse any gestures of similar invitation?Love is patient,kind,not envious,not boastful and not proud.It is not rude;it is selfless,not easily made angry, and keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not enjoy evil,but very happy with the truth. Love is protective,trusting,hopeful and persevering.It never fails(I Corinthians 13:4-8b).Jesus said:By this, all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.Love promotes unity;unity in practical,corporate, positive action in enhancing the spread of the Gospel. Not unity in name;not in administration.These are the days when practical love is most needed among brethren and from the church outwards.If a person chops off his finger,the whole of his body suffers from the self-inflicted pain.Let brotherly love continue:-in uplifting one another;in corporate ministration;in corporate edification,bringing glory to Jesus.Grace be with you.

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