SUNDAY SERMON: ‘Only through The LORD’

”Let not a wise man boast in his wisdom, and let not a mighty man boast in his might, let not the rich man boast in his riches; but let him who boasts, boast of this, that he understands and knows me” Jeremiah 9:23 -24. It is very easy to exhibit one’s achievements. It is equally easy to tell others what you have been able to do, perhaps to let others feel you have arrived or that you are important. Quite frankly, there is nothing wrong in letting people know what you have achieved or have been able to do. The only problem in this life in that regard, is simply that it tends to make the ‘achiever’ go over the top or reasonable limits. God expects each one of us to strive to attain the peak in his or her chosen vocation or career. There is no room or  pride of place for the idle, lazy, timid, procrastinator, the disillusioned, or thoughtfully myopic fellow. By going over the limits is meant that the achiever builds a castle around himself, thinking that it is only by virtue of the dint of diligence / industry alone that his goal/ height has been reached or attained. If the farmer clears, harrows, ploughs and plants on his hectares of farmland, a bountiful harvest is only possible if the weather and other natural factors are good. Sufficient, rain, dew, sunshine, darkness, moderate and conducive temperature, avoidance of pests, coupled with good management such as weed control, are all essential to a good harvest. After doing all of these and enjoying all the natural benefits only, could the farmer smile at the end. It is important to recognize that it is by the favours or mercies of God Almighty that all these successes can be achieved! It is only an unwise person who would think in an exclusive world of his/ her own, as being solely responsible for his/ her success! Other men and women we come in contact with and who help us to make good things happen, are sent by the providence of God. We all need to reassess our value system. Paul taught the Corinthians that to make boasts is a fool’s method, though he went on to indulge in making some boasts of his status and achievements, so that the Christian converts would not consider him inferior to other apostles and think little of their own faith through the instrumentality or influence of his ministry among them. At the end he gives all glory back to God and states: ”If anyone wants to boast, let him boast of the Lord . It is not the man who commends himself that can be accepted, but the man who is commended by the Lord.” 2Corinthians 10:18. Part of an old song states: —”All glory must be to the LORD; For He is worthy of our praise; No man on earth, should give glory to himself; But the glory must be to the LORD”. In God we move about and have our being; doing as much as we are capable of. In him we live to any span of years he enables us and of any quality or social status; move to different places around this world, over sea, land and air; exist, having our very lives sustained by his unfailing power (Acts17:28). Yes indeed anyone who wants to boast, let him/her do so, recognizing and appreciating that it is only through the all-sufficient power of the Almighty God! We should not behave as did the proverbial rich fool, who took God out of his past, present, and future plans, only to die prematurely, without achieving all his set goals! Yes boast, doing so by declaring the mercies of God, his blessings on you, and using all of these to bless and encourage many others near and far. God bless you. AMEN.

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