In this new series, we shall be thinking about the Holy Spirit regularly.The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Most High God. He is part of God. Therefore he is God and inseparable from God. God shows himself in three forms to humankind. As the number one status of Father; as the number two status  as the Son called the Word; and as number three status as the Spirit called the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Triune God! God in three persons and yet ONE GOD. The Holy Spirit is the power at work at creation! However in his special role he moves on this earthly domain and helps people to interact with God. He makes us know our faults and advises us on how to straighten our crooked ways. The major trouble in our world today has been around from time immemorial! The trouble is called SIN! During the 1970’s one of the songs  often sang by some Gospel artistes had these words: ”God says You are a sinner; the Bible says You are a sinner; Your heart tells you, You are a sinner; O sinner, Repent; Repent and be saved”. How true and more relevant is this song to the situation in our world today is ! The Holy Spirit himself was instrumental in encouraging us to do good. Almost 30 years ago in a village in Nigeria, I met one old man called Do Good and his family. The man was a humble, easy going farmer. He was hungry to know more about God and some of us shared the words of God with him and his family. Do Good surrendered his life to God. He was helped by the Holy Spirit to open up his inner self and mind to God, inviting Jesus into his life. From then onwards he was able to do more of good, not by name only, but practically. His face and life radiated with peace, love and joy till it was time to die. He often sang: ”The word of God, which I hear; gives me new life; and it gives me power”. The Holy Spirit is the creative power of God. When the time came for God to move to rescue us, humankind, from our troubles and woes he came in human form to make the operation easy and perfect. God THE WORD came into this world in human form and was born through the work of the Holy Spirit upon the virgin called Mary. Mary submitted herself to be the vessel for God to use in coming into this world by birth. She personally overcame the ridicule of a strange pregnancy in not having a foretaste of sex with any man before conceiving Jesus! She risked the possibility of being abandoned by her fiance, Joseph the carpenter. She asked initial questions, but the angel of God, assured her that nothing was impossible with God! From that moment of Mary’s submission, the miracle birth became reality. The angel of God told Mary that she shall give birth to a son, whose name shall be called Jesus, because he shall save his people from their sins! As powerful as God is, he never overrides our human will ,but respects us. Whenever any person submits to the will of God, he or she opens the door to a miracle. My friend, the days of miracles are not over, but in fact a flood gate of miracles is being opened upon this generation, in our world today! No nation would be spared, because God is not partial and he is no discriminator! The Holy Spirit made it possible for Mary to conceive Jesus. The same Holy Spirit filled Jesus and enabled him to do all the good works that he did in his earthly ministry over two thousand years ago. He went about doing good and setting people free from the prison of Satan! The climax of the work of Jesus is that he died on the cross for you and me. He who never sinned, died as a sinner would die, in order to take our place as a substitute. The perfect, righteous man died for crooked, evil mankind! Jesus died, giving up his spirit into the hands of God, his real Father. He was buried, but on the third day Jesus arose as the Christ of God, because death, sin, the law and the devil (Satan) could not hold him down! He has satisfied the just demands of the law, which is the revealer and the power of sin. He has nullified and neutralized the sting of death which is sin. He has paid the wages of sin, which is death. He has defeated the devil who used to have the power of death. It became compulsory and inevitable for Satan, death, the grave, sin, and the law to bow to Jesus the Christ of God! Jesus Christ therefore arose victoriously from the grave by the power of the Holy Spirit! Hallelujah! Death could not hold him captive! Satan could not accuse him of any wrongdoing! Heaven, Earth and Hell in unison agree and acknowledge the perfect sacrifice that Jesus Christ made, once for all time, for every human being born and yet to be born into this world! The Holy Spirit made all these great work of salvation possible through Jesus Christ! Since then, it has become possible for everyone and anyone in every land, who calls upon the name of the LORD to be saved! The Holy Spirit is the moving power that would release angels all over the world to help people see the tangible power of God in a great dimension, as this present world system comes to a close! Servants of the Most High God in every land would be bold and stand up for the truth and for the right. Skepticism would be put under our feet. The Kingdom of God is being ushered in! The kingdoms of this world shall be surrendered to the Kingdom of our God and of his Christ! The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully again! Fasten your seat belts! Jesus said: ”And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come”(Matthew 24:14). You must do something positive. This work is going on now. God bless you. Meet you next week.

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