PHOTO FINISH OF A START! :The 19th Commonwealth Games

At long last, the 19th Commonwealth Games has kicked off amidst colourful celebration. It is like a ‘photo finish’ of a start! Let us hope for the possible best in the prevailing circumstances. Things are now looking much better , judging by the positive reports flowing around daily. What a narrow escape it is! It is a Games Fiesta that might have failed! HRH, Prince Charles, representing Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II(Head of the Commonwealth), declared the Games open at a colourful ceremony, with 71 participating countries. It is a pity that many star athletes had to pull out of the games for safety reasons. However, it is good that the games has come to stay. I do hope that the Fiesta would provoke the participants to give of their best and produce new records, the absence of stars notwithstanding. It is still a window of opportunities. One hopes India would be forgiven. The sporting facilities are reported as good and much has been spent to host the Games. May records fall; friendships deepen and expand; economy boosted; and the future of the Games be enhanced. Let the administrative body of the Games be more alert next time and always, by monitoring all future hosts to avert future embarrassment, please. I am sure Scotland is watching, learning and eager. BBC News also commented stating: ….”Games officials and thousands of people were working around the clock to ensure that the village was habitable and that the competition could start on time.” BBC News – Commonwealth Games opens in Delhi with security tight

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  1. Posted by Olu on Oct 10, 2010 at 10:05 pm

    I think india’s ‘show’ for this commonwealth games will very much satisfy the chinese and confirm it in their minds that india is no competitor on the world stage as they both fight to give us ‘credit cards’ (the chinese have a surplus and our cards are paid for by their surplus) and make our goods. The commonwealth games is much more than sports – it’s all about a nation’s pride, economy and it’s standing in the world, and that’s where the chinese are more than a 100 miles different from the indians. However it must be said that the indians run a democratic state and the chinese run a one party state communism….! Also I must say private indians businesses like TATA etc do very well in business across the world, just like the chinese restaurants we have indian curry houses all over the UK, so this shame of a show in india is not about indians but about the indian government. In all I believe scotland will do much better, they have nothing to prove, unlike the indians and chinese (for the olympics).



    • Thank you for this true and fantastic comment. The credibility of the government is more at stake than the numerous business persons across India. There was no basis for the narrow escape of marring the show. Good a thing the games are moving on fine. Scotland has hosted the games before, but they do have something still to learn from this whole story. At least, they dare not rest on their oars, even with four years to go!



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