SUNDAY SERMON : “Come and See”

TEXT: John 1:35-42 The expression ‘Come and see’ was first made by Jesus to two of John’s disciples – Andrew and another man. These two had followed Jesus after John pointed him to them. Andrew was a very observant and attentive person who specialized in bringing people to Jesus! Andrew (Simple, Solid and Vibrant): John 1:40 – Compared with Peter, he was not loud or as assertive. However, he too did great service for the growth of God’s kingdom. You do not have to be a minister, wearing dog-collar or a theologian, or a local preacher. God knows you, appreciates you and has put his grace and power in you to equip you for the task given to the Church, of which Christians everywhere are components.  As for Andrew, he brought his brother to Jesus; brought the unknown boy with packed lunch to Jesus; the multitude that was hungry was as a result given blessed food. Andrew’s Conversion: John 1:35-39 – He met Jesus through the witness of his friend John the Baptist. A. God used a respected, well known friend e.g. John ‘The Baptist’: v35-40.  Andrew believed John’s witness concerning Jesus because he was a respected friend! B. God used a Redemptive Analogy through John ‘The Baptist’: v36. Every Jewish person would understand about the “Lamb of God,” but this “Lamb of God” would take away, not just cover up the sin of the world.  That is indicative of the expected Messiah.  C. God used a Relational Approach: v40: John the Baptist helped Andrew to know and meet Jesus, while Andrew told his brother Peter about Jesus. He also brought him to Jesus. God uses relationships to bring people to Christ! Have you told your brother / sister / niece / uncle / aunt / mother / father / friend, about Jesus? We cannot afford to fail in telling them. We should tell them not only by our lives, through our usual acts of charity, but verbally too. We cannot afford to have our friends and relations go to hell because we fail to show them the way of Christ and practically lead them to Christ!  To fail, is to have the blood of the unsaved ones on our hands! Of what benefit is it if you pat your friend, neighbour or family member on the back, while he or she goes on in his / her sins or wrong – doing. Then when that person dies you come with flowers to show your love when you have not cared enough for his /her soul, during the life time! God will ask you and me if we fail to tell even our own family members about Jesus. We cannot afford to be careless or selfish or disobedient or shy! It is not a matter of pride or arrogance, as some have thought. Rather, it is the testimony of a sinner who has been saved through the grace of God, encouraging another sinner to avail him / her of the same grace. Look at the state of many families in our world today. Look at the state of millions of our youths and many adults with their delusions and indiscipline! People in the community are looking up to the church to show them the way. They need us for food, shelter, counsel and  spiritual guidance. We must not fail. We are to help them by our lives – our actions and our words. Andrew was a Concerned Man: John 1:40-42 A. He brought Peter to Jesus: 1. His Priority: v41 – He first found his brother, Peter and brought him to Jesus. “Charity begins at home”   2. His Procedure: v42 – FIND – v 41; TELL – v 41; BRING – v42. B. He brought a boy to Jesus: John 6:8 -9 Through his keen observation and interest for and in others he spotted and brought the boy and his packed lunch to Jesus. Then Jesus was able to bless the multitude. Though Andrew was not as popular as Peter, he did a great thing in telling his own brother, Peter. He was also an instrument in the feeding of the multitude. What I am telling you, I am telling myself and the whole Christian church anywhere in the world! C. Later on Andrew along with Phillip brought some Greek people to Jesus (Working along with others): John 12:20-22. CONCLUSION: God uses ordinary people in extraordinary ways. Do not look down at yourself. Do not look down on others, no matter how junior you think they are to you. God has put a lot of ability inside you and me to make us succeed. We cannot fail, with God on our side! Truth has great impact in the context of friendships. The simplicity of our message makes it the more appealing, but we must not compromise the truth of the gospel! Everyone can minister as Andrew did. We can tell people as Andrew and later Phillip did. Phillip found, told and brought Nathaniel to Jesus,  telling him to ‘come and see’. You and I – What Shall We Do? We should testify by our lives and our combined activities such as Coffee Mornings, Lunches, Rallies, Concerts, Carols, Retreats, Talks, Seminars and Mass Evangelism. We should make use of these as well as verbalizing the good news on a personal or one – to- one basis. It is not preaching! It is telling others what you have known or experienced about or through Jesus. In the buses; on the trains; in the planes; in the market places; anywhere you can find human beings. Find, tell and then, bring people. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so (Psalm 107:2a) (and also do so). You and I can say to people who ask us the reason for the hope, joy and peace in our lives: ‘Come and see; come and hear what Jesus did in my life!’ God bless you.

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