The Family Unit

The family unit is the most important functional and distinguishing entity of a community or society. Basically, it consists of a father, mother, and children. Modern society has developed various forms of family structure. From time immemorial, the family unit has been the target of many attacks, which have affected it adversely. These attacks have been on the increase in recent times. There have been tensions, violence, separations, breakups, divorces, causing great disruptions. Children have been the most vulnerable in all of these.  Any strain or stress which affects a family eventually causes a strain on the local, national and international community. Every product has a producer or manufacturer. Have you ever fallen into the habit of purchasing a product from one of the stores and get home only to open the package and set up the gadget without consulting the producer’s manual? You may think that ”I have been in similar situations which was easily gone through; why not this situation”? You may be lucky sometimes, but that is not often the case. Failure to consult the manufacturer’s manual may result in the mishandling or a quick breakdown of your new product. This experiential fact is no less true in the human realm. The family unit was made by God primarily to be a strong integral, bonding part of human society. Any act done to break up a unit or several units results in the multiple devastating effects on the local and larger society. Corruption has set in and society is paying dearly for it today because human beings have claimed to be wiser than their Maker. Corruption has come in terms of irresponsibility, carelessness, selfishness, greed, pride and arrogance; indeed unprecedented immorality causing blurred vision. However, there is a way out of this. What can we do to stem the tide of frequent destabilization of the family unit? God says he hates divorce. If you have been divorced, that is not the end of the road for you, but you need to get it right in your next move, doing so as the Maker planned it.  We all need to go back to the manufacturer and his manual.

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